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Perfect Miss & Mr Teen India 2018 – Concept Unveiled

Perfect Miss & Mr Teen India 2018 –  Concept Unveiled

The *”Perfect Woman”* brand’s latest offering is a mega talent show-cum-beauty pageant for Generation Y, which will debut on May 30, 2018 at Mumbai.

Following with the contestants congregated for a ‘meet and greet’ interaction, which was held on May 24, 2018  At *Flags Avant Garde* ( Restaurant & Banquet ) Andheri, Mumbai Our (Press Conference Venue Partner )

The panel included Singer Shibani Kashyap, Actor/ Producer Sweety Waalia, *”Perfect Miss & Mr Teens India 2018”* Organizers *Gurubhai Thakkar* and *Dr Khooshi Gurubhai*. Representatives of the brands associated with the pageant and key designers were also present along with the contestants and their parents. Several Perfect Miss India contestants and the winner of 2017 were present to motivate the aspiring teens who displayed their talents and made quite an impression on those gathered. The teen contestants were provided expert guidance on polishing communication skills. Shortlisted contestants will be groomed for the Grand Finale by *Ashleysha Yesugade*, one of *Asia’s top 10 supermodels 2018* and listed among the world’s 100 sexiest women!


Sharing the genesis of the new concept, *Dr Khooshi Gurubhai* explained, As Confucius righty said, *’Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it*,’ Gurubhai Thakkar to her support extended the interview stating *”Yes given proper guidance and supports teens today can do wonders”* We are here to uncover the magnificence hidden within the Youth of India, with a talent pageant that’s like none other you have ever seen. *”Perfect Miss & Mr Teens India 2018”* is in a league of its own because its exploration of beauty is not just skin deep but at a holistic level. Our quest is to discover talented and inspiring role models who can motivate and be emulated by the 21st century millennial generation. Get set to meet the nation’s new Youth Icons, *”Perfect Miss & Mr Teens India 2018”*  very soon!”

Key takeaways shared during the interaction

Gift of Knowledge to Talented Individuals – Scholarships for Winners and Contestants.

Final Contestants will be groomed for careers in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry.

Debut of a Niche Platform where Teens will be mentored to represent India at International forums.

Compliments DR GEET.

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