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When Shreyas Met Vidya Balan

When Shreyas Met Vidya Balan

Actor Shreyas Porus Pardiwalla, who has been seen in prominent roles in films like ‘Yaariyan’, ‘Sanam Re’ and ‘Sweetiee Weds NRI’, is one of the biggest Vidya Balan fans out there. She, apparently, is the most influential celebrities to have impacted Shreyas’ decision of taking ‘acting’ as a career.

Recalling the auspicious occasion when Shreyas met the award winning Sullu aka Vidya Balan, he said, “The first thing I had to do when I met Vidya Balan was touch her feet, and that’s what I ended up doing. I respect and look up to her so much that I just had to seek her blessings. I was indeed teary eyed seeing my idol right in front of me. Her majestic aura was powerful and just blew me away. What a lady, what an actress, what a soul. After I gave her the Sai Baba photo frame as a gift (whom she immensely believes in), she flung her hands opened and embraced me – I was immediately humbled and filled with gratitude. Vidya Balan for me is a legend and I just love her. May God always bless her”.


Shreyas hopes to share the screen space with his idol and had even expressed the same to her on their meeting to which she replied, “We shall definitely work together”.

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