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The Most Hotest And Bachelor Entrepreneur Heartthrob Ksshitij Singh

The Most Hotest And Bachelor Entrepreneur Heartthrob Ksshitij Singh

A fit person is capable of living life to its fullest. Physically fit persons are healthier and are not prone to any disease or illness. It’s important to be active and do regular exercise such as going to the gym, doing yoga, acrobats, etc. Besides, did you know that the clothes that you wear during workouts play an important role in your body and your performance?  It gives you comfort, breath ability, durability, protection from the environment, Flexibility, etc…

Soliloquy was founded by Ksshitij Singh. Our mission is to provide luxurious and all active sportswear in India to help all ages of women’s and men’s achieve their highest performance.

We are coming up with all active wears and sports wears like shoes, T-shirts, track pants, track shirts, dry fits, Yoga wear, fights, perfumes, deodorant, fitness wristwatch, and many more things. Also, have are launched our brand on 8th, May 2020.


Little about my background. I’m an architect/Interior designer that turned into an Entrepreneur. I started my career in Delhi and Mumbai for more than 9 years where I designed and build all my projects. My design is modern luxury elements that often-featured furnished work. I’m a fitness freak and my daily routine is to spend time in the gym for workouts. The credit of our brand goes to all wonderful women out there. As it is always said with time and again that ‘Behind every successful man there is always a woman to motivate him’.

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