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Anupam Shukla – No Stereotypes, Innovation Is The Key

Anupam Shukla  – No Stereotypes, Innovation Is The Key

Model, actress and now into organising events like fashion-shows, beauty pageants et al, pretty Anupam Shukla is all set to put her signature stamp of success in the quadrangle of entertainment business earnestly. Her Anupam Films Production & Event Company is gearing up to launch the ambitious FACE 2021 Mr, Miss & Mrs Madhya Pradesh which was planned initially for 2020 but got shifted to next year 2021 because of Corona pandemic (for registration contact-

When asked about her professional background, Anupam, who was a former Miss India finalist and won the Miss India Curvey title, tells, “From modelling to acting to organising beauty pageant it was my natural journey. My late father also always wanted to see me as a director and he kept forcing me to do something big where people remember me in my field as he was known in  his field of publishing of the newspaper called Narmada Jyoti in Madhya Pradesh.

“I used to do events for others but now I will do for my company and will give encouragement from my side to young generation who wanted to do something but they have nothing to do except studies and go to metro cities for their  career,” Anupam adds.

What about Anupam’s future plan? “Well, if I get  support from Madhya Pradesh Goverment, I will start a proper acting and direction institute for the people there,” she tells.

About her upcoming glamour event in Madhya Pradesh (from modelling to acting to organising beauty pageant), how did this transition happen?

“I hail from  Madhya Pradesh and have been continously doing fashion week and fashion-shows

(,” tells Anupam adding, “I’m into events since 2009 along with modelling and acting. It struck to my mind that with my prolific experience in glamour and fashion world I can also start doing something good and new for the youth in the fashion world. And my event will be different. I hate stereotypes, innovation is the key, ” Anupam tells as a matter of fact.


Besides this upcoming fashion event, Anupam Shukla, who has Hema Malini and Sridevi as idols and has Bhagavad Gita and Ramayan as her favourite books, has some exciting future plans like getting into movies and TV serial productions and also as actress to making web series.

Multitasking Anupam, you may say!

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