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Veronii Sanghvi is a maestro of numerology, certified signature analyst, a Sujok specialist and a Lenormard genius. She leads by her innate confidence to combat and outlive the pain beautifully by practicing these healing modalities to live a stress free life.

Veronii being a people person, is a Human Resource Global Consultant based in Mumbai, India. She journeyed from being a skeptic to becoming a passionate believer in her determination to find herself.  After a lot of self-introspection, she found her true passion of giving back to the society and to help everyone lead an exemplary life. She is guided by none other than her mentor High Priestess Karishma Shetty through her transition.Veronii is associated with Psychic Temples and she has learned an array of courses in occult science. She is actively involved in transforming lives with her profound knowledge, guidance and wisdom.

A very warm welcome to Psychic Temples by Karishma Shetty. I am Veronii Sanghvi your guide here to predict your 2021 zodiac predictions.

Let’s begin with :


Capricorn: This year is going to be a karmic rewarding year. A year full of chances and opportunities. Grab any opportunity that comes your way and get ready to take the risk. There is a possibility for you to find your soul or karmic connection.

Aquarius: This year is going to offer you multiple job opportunities with excessive workload. However, in love you might experience doubt in context to reconcile relations or end old patterns.

Pisces: This year is going to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually challenging so it’s important to prioritize family to avoid any sort of suffering. Legal cases that were on hold will move further. Important information will be received at the work front which will favor the business and turn out profitable.

Aries:This year is going to be well- balanced professionally and personally for you. You may expect many short business travels and growth potential in terms of business. You will find yourself spending quality time with grand-parents. Financially, you would have to take decisions wisely. So consider the ancestral guidance before making any impulsive decision.

Taurus: This year is going to be a year where you may encounter some restrictions or you may have to pay a little extra attention to legal or court cases that may crop up unexpectedly. Emotionally you may feel clogged and Personally you would have to cut out few relations that do not add value to you and focus on yourself. Be prepared to put in hard work for ”you reap what you sow”

Gemini: This year is going to be a year of immense travel and ample of opportunities to grow. Many of you may travel abroad for studies, or for business. Emotionally you will feel over worked and will end up over thinking a lot. You may have to actively make dominant imprompt to decisions wisely so be prepared.

Cancer:  This year is going to be a blessing in disguise to you and your partner. You are going to be abundant in wealth, spiritually. There is going to be a healthy free flowing relationship between partners.  You may be starting a project with a free reign and you will be enjoying your freedom and independence at work.

Leo: This year is going to be a year where you may encounter betrayal from a loved one or a dear friend so be careful and don’t trust everyone at face value. However, all those who are single will end up socializing meeting new partners. There are chances for new relationships to blossom. There is a possibility for married couples to build a family. Financially, this year is going to bring stability and prosperity to you.

Virgo: This year you will be following your passion and working on independent projects . Money will be flowing freely to you but it will demand you to act immediately and put in efforts now. Additionally, you will find yourself emotionally rekindling love in your relationship but may encounter some issues in the kidney or gall bladder which will have a speedy recovery. In order to avoid this ensure to hydrate yourself well.

Libra: This year is going to bring you clarity, vision and a chance to meet and greet people and make new connections. It’s a year where you may find yourself a partner and those who have a partner may get engaged and settle down. Professionally you will be able to grab opportunities and grow. You will feel warm and content as if everything is flowing perfectly.

Scorpio: This year is going to bring you desired results but with delays. You will be guided with wisdom by a strong powerful woman which will enable you to think clearly and make rational decisions. You will finally feel that all your emotional problems have ended and its time for you to relax and enjoy.

Sagittarius: This is going to be a year where you need to remove some “me time” and get some self-care. Its time you need to go ahead of those daily chores and meet with friends or spend quality time with yourself or your loved ones. Expect good news coming your way. Either a union or a promotion is guaranteed to be in your stride.

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