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Mrs Shikha Mehta Khan Crowned As Mrs India Global Divine 2021 At A Star Studded Event Mumbai

Mrs Shikha Mehta Khan Crowned As Mrs India Global Divine 2021 At  A Star Studded Event  Mumbai

Mrs Shikha Mehta Khan was crowned as ‘Mrs India Global Divine’, 2021 at a star studded event at Andheri, Mumbai, on 25 Jul. The pageant saw a host of celebs from cinema, television and fashion industry in attendance. The full capacity event was  organized at a prestigious club of Mumbai. Shikha, wife of an army colonel, proved to be a perfect combination of beauty with brains.

She appeared confident &  flawless while answering in the final and important Q&A round for the crown. On being asked as to which Indian personality she would prefer to showcase to the world and why? She replied “I would most definately choose Mahtma Gandhi as one of the greatest indian personalities to have walked the earth, as he was the one, who taught the world the ideals of non violance tolerance & truthfulness even while facing adversities from britishers” Shikha was also the winner of ‘Mrs Most Glamorous’ title from amongst the various sub titles given to the participants during the course of beauty pageant. Hailing from Haryana, Shikha is a professional celebrity makeup artist and groomer having done her makeup artist and grooming course from the famous Chiraag Bhamboot Academy. She says that she chose to participate in the event at the eleventh hour as initially she had plans to join the event as makeup artist and groomer. It was only after insistence from family and friend that she decided to enter the contest as participant. Shikha    describes herself as a happy go lucky person full of positivity and tremendous zest for life. She has an outlook of a contemporary modern indian women with traditional values firmly entrenched in her. Her tagline says, that “Every face is beautiful you only need to evolve”. She says that army life has taught her many things ranging from survival in toughest conditions to experiencing a life extraordinaire’.

Strikingly quintessential, in addition to being a makeup artist she also has a flair for designing clothes and accessories and believes that visibly ordinary looking faces can be redefined with right makeup & right clothes to appear great.

Currently, based in Mumbai and working as a freelance, she has plans to establish her own grooming & styling academy very soon. Amongst many other famous people present at the event with promises to work with her ‘Dil Ka kya Kasoor fame’ Prithvi Singh too, has assured to collaborate & work with her in near future.

Though, charitable at heart and action in her own small ways she wants to contribute to the society by reaching out and helping underprivileged and needy in a big way through charitable work by associating with NGOs. She feels the crown can assist her in a dignified way for this purpose.

Wife & Mother of two, she says “there is no wrong time to do a right thing”. To this, we wish her great success in her future endeavour’s. Way to go lady!!

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