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Nivedita Chandel Turns Content Creator With Comedy With Her Sister In Law Raking Millions Views...

Content Creation seems to be the need of the hour with recently Content Creator Award Being Announced and creator being awarded at the hands of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Nivedita Chandel who already has a plethora of achievements to her hats for being an actress ,entrepreneur and social worker now turns content creator with 1 million followers on Instagram and her comedy content with her sister in law raking in millions .

Nivedita Chandel will be also seen in a Harayanvi song and also a short film which shall be on Hungama channel.

Nivedita Chandel is a well educated professional with an elegant family background who doesn’t fear to experiment new things in her life.

For Nivedita Chandel nothing seems to be impossible and looks like she do have miles to go in her life and carrer.

Nivedita Chandel Turns Content Creator With Comedy With Her Sister In Law Raking Millions Views

Aaira’s Ascension: A Tale Of Passion And Perseverance In Bollywood...

Aaira, a twenty-four-year-old Jabalpur native from Madhya Pradesh, is poised to illuminate the silver screen with her debut in “KISMAT SE.” Produced by Rahul Sheth’s Glamour World , the film promises to immerse audiences in a captivating narrative teeming with emotional depth and resonance.

Aaira’s journey from the bustling streets of Jabalpur to the dazzling lights of Bollywood is a testament to her unwavering passion and relentless pursuit of excellence. With a successful career in modeling under her belt, Aaira now sets her sights on conquering the world of acting, driven by an innate desire to express herself through the art of storytelling.

“KISMAT SE” intricately intertwines the lives of its characters in a mesmerizing triangular love story that transcends the boundaries of time and fate. Against the backdrop of contemporary Bollywood, the film delves deep into the complexities of human emotions, unraveling the intricate threads of love, destiny, and redemption. Aaira’s portrayal promises to infuse the narrative with a raw authenticity and emotional resonance that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences.

Aaira’s journey from the ramp to the reel epitomizes the essence of perseverance and dedication. Fuelled by her unyielding passion for the craft, she embarked on a rigorous journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration, honing her skills under the tutelage of seasoned professionals. Each audition, each rejection, only fueled her determination to carve her niche in an industry known for its cutthroat competition.

With unwavering dedication and relentless practice, Aaira transformed herself into a versatile actor, effortlessly transitioning from the glamorous world of fashion to the nuanced realm of acting. Her meticulous attention to detail and relentless pursuit of perfection set her apart, earning her the admiration and respect of peers and mentors alike.

As Aaira prepares to make her grand entrance onto the hallowed grounds of Bollywood, she emerges as a formidable competition to the current generation Z of actors. With her unmatched talent, dedication, and the ability to effortlessly inhabit diverse characters, Aaira represents a new wave of performers poised to challenge the status quo and redefine the standards of excellence in Indian cinema.

As the shoot of “KISMAT SE” draws near, the anticipation surrounding Aaira’s debut reaches a fever pitch within the Bollywood fraternity and cinephile community. Industry insiders eagerly await the unveiling of this rising star, anticipating a performance that will redefine the standards of cinematic excellence. Aaira’s poised portrayal promises to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible imprint on the annals of Indian cinema.

As Aaira prepares to make her grand entrance onto the hallowed grounds of Bollywood, her journey stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring artists across the nation. With “KISMAT SE,” she not only fulfills her lifelong dream but also embarks on a transformative odyssey that will shape the trajectory of her career for years to come. As the countdown to the film’s release commences, all eyes are on Aaira, eagerly awaiting her triumphant debut and the dawn of a new era in Indian cinema.

Aaira’s ascent in Bollywood is a testament not only to her individual perseverance but also to the unwavering support and love of her family. Guided by the encouragement of her parents, elder brother, and younger sister, Aaira’s journey from Jabalpur to the silver screen is infused with their unwavering belief in her dreams. Their constant support served as a pillar of strength during moments of doubt and fueled Aaira’s determination to pursue her passion with unwavering dedication. In every step of her journey, their love and  encouragement have been the driving force behind Aaira’s pursuit of excellence, making her ascent in Bollywood a true family triumph.


Aaira’s Ascension: A Tale Of Passion And Perseverance In Bollywood

Prahavi Pathak Actress & Model

Hello Namaskar, my name is Prahavi Pathak, I am from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. I was fond of acting since childhood. I used to dance in college. Apart from this, I am a business woman, I have been living in Mumbai for the last 2 years.

Sara, I got a chance to work like Nafisa Hindi film, another film, Har Har Shambhu, an upcoming web Series Panchratna, apart from this I recently received a very beautiful award DPIAF- Lifestyle Iconic Award 2024.

Along with this, I have been invited as such guest in many schools and colleges. I am working in many upcoming films, web series and music albums etc.

Prahavi Pathak Actress & Model

Meet Kaynaat Khan The Blue-Eyed Actress In Bollywood...

India has always proved that it can provide the best talent to the world in every industry and the same goes for the acting industry. As the creative fields have spread its wings, acting has become one of the most loved and opted for streams among the new crop up of aspiring talents in the Indian Film Industry.

Bollywood has always and keeps encouraging aspiring talents in acting and to prove themselves as actors in the making. Not many aspiring talents have been fortunate to get a break and prove their mettle as an actor to reckon with.

Meet Kaynaat Khan, the Blue-eyed sensation of the dazzling world of glamour and neons paramountly working in Bollywood. She has also been associated with big names in the industry such as Colours, Star Plus, Zee Cinema and many more. Kaynaat has featured in several item songs, Ads and commercial shoots.

Acclaimed for her alluring beauty, graceful etiquettes, and unattainable charm, the blue-eyed sensation with her  performances in various songs and print shows which has won for her the name fame and wealth she deserves.  It is learnt that her new web-series and music videos are going to be a transformative breakthroug for her acting career.

Discernible  work of Kaynaat includes acting in Sayonee- the music beauty album with Amar Upadhyaya as a lead actress and Madhubala Serial. Several item songs are also registered in her name such as International Daroga Babu, Mai Hot Ghani Laagun- Biwi No. one, Khulal Ba Dil Ke Duariya and many more. Her photoshoots for clothing brands have won for her immense praises.

The beauteous is recognised for her infectious smile and expressive eyes. Her golden hair and unblemished form make her look natural in front of the camera.

Her exotic Asian vibe comes from the wheatish Indian skin tone she flaunts around. The model is seen to pull off whatever photograph that is given to her, whether it is a regular Indian girl or a glossy fashionista. Her respect for her profession needs admiration and so for her industrious, sincere, and honest demeanour.

Her professionalism is well-recognised in the field, and her upbeat demeanour is constantly respected by her co-workers.

The actress is extremely hardworking and her passion for fitness is not hidden from the world. She believes fitness is like relationship you can’t cheat and expect it to work. With this motive she pays utmost attention to her fitness and her goal is to get better from her previous self.  Her enticing emotions and attractive figure can bring any shot to life. Cameras adore her, and any photograph of her exudes desire.

Her prominent projects in her name include

ALBUMS Sayonee- the music beauty album with Amar Upadhyay

Madhubala Serial as a Lead

Worked with ZEE Music Cinema, Star Plus and Colours.

Her item songs include

Indian Princess Show for the designers:

International Daroga Babu

Mai Hot Ghani Laagun- Biwi No. One

Khulal Ba Dil Ke Duariya

Branding In Surat And Dadar For Dress Materials

Magazine Shoots


Her career as a model entails more than simply appearing beautiful, and she is well-versed in the business. The model is aware of her best angles and how to make a shot appear more about the company for which she is promoting rather than herself. Her sense of style is genuinely outstanding; her costumes constantly stand out in a crowd, making her an excellent choice for forthcoming music videos and modelling sessions.

As of now the actress is pursuing her dream career. She takes work very seriously which makes he a gem in this acting industry.

Kaynaat loves to listen to Bollywood music and in her leisure time she enjoys singing, dancing, cooking and playing basketball. The actress loves to spend her time near beach as she is an all-time nature lover.

The positive attitude towards her career is what made Kaynaat this successful today. Her acting skills have been praised by many superstars and big directors.

Now, the new project that is full and final and is all set to be released on the screens for the entertainment of audience. Fans are eagerly waiting for Kaynaat’s wholesome acting and beauty to be showcased on big freak Kaynaat khan  ,Majid khan celebrity gym trainer Perfect 10 Dance & Fitness Studio.


Meet Kaynaat Khan The Blue-Eyed Actress In Bollywood

Calcutta’s Anushka Das Aka ‘Moon’ Has Been Working In The Film And TV Industry For Many Years...

During the Corona epidemic, she took a break from acting and did only social service work and  helped the needy in every possible way. Anushka Das has her own NGO organization through which  she provides public service, the name of this organization is ‘Moon Charitable Foundation’.

Now Anushka is going to act in TV and films again. Anushka has done a lot of shows over the years. She has performed dance in the shows of many  legendary singers like Udit Narayan, Honey Singh, Bombay Vikings, Mika Singh, Vinod Rathod.

Through modeling shows, she has also appeared in advertisement films of many brands like Airtel, Electrolytes etc. She has also shown her dancing charisma in Colors channel’s reality show Dancing Queen in which veteran artist Jitendra was the judge. Anushka has worked in Hindi and Bengali music videos and has appeared in many music videos of TV series,  prominent among which are Ye Raat Bheegi and Loafer (Bangla). Moon has also done item dance in South films.

Anushka is a model, actress, dancer, social worker and influencer. Since childhood, she was interested in acting and dance, hence she took training in acting and  modeling and also learned other forms of dance along with Kathak.

Anushka Das aka Moon has also won many awards in which she was honored at Bhopal Mahotsav, Lucknow Mahotsav.

Has been honored with many awards like Lions Club Brewery Award. She likes the acting of actors Vinod Khanna,  John Abraham, Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor and actresses Sridevi and Deepika Padukone. Apart from these,  she likes Vin Diesel, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna among Hollywood artists. She also aspires to work in a film full  of action and thrill.

Anushka Das says that if you have a dream then try your best to fulfill it. May you never regret that you did  not try to make your dreams come true. Never let anything diminish in your hard work and dedication.  Yes, something also depends on your luck but believe in yourself. Because where there is a will, there is a way.

You keep doing good deeds. One should never lose courage and motivate oneself that I can do it. Anushka is very bubbly, friendly and intelligent and she wishes to go to Salman’s show Bigg Boss once.  Anushka is as dedicated to her work as she is religious and follows the Bhagavad Gita.

Calcutta’s Anushka Das Aka ‘Moon’ Has Been Working In The Film And TV Industry For Many Years

Shraddha Rani Sharma Is An Actress, Anchor, Dancer And Model...

Shraddha Rani Sharma is an actress, anchor, dancer and model. She has been an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss 5. Soon she is going to play an important role in a suspense thriller film. Shraddha started her acting career with the serial ‘Sarathi’. She was in the lead role in this. After this he acted in many TV shows and regional films. In which ‘Jeeva’ and ‘Jai Ho’ etc. are there. Her famous TV serial is ‘Har Shaakh Par Ullu Baitha Hai’ on Star TV in which she has made everyone laugh with his comedy.

She has worked in many serials on Sahara One like ‘Suno Har Dil Kuch Kehta Hai’, ‘Comedy Classes’ and ‘Neeli Chhatriwale’. She has worked in advertising films for many big brands including Nerolac, Lysol, Dettol, Martin, Philips, Fiat Tyre, Taj, Country Club etc. Shraddha is a very good dancer, her shows are held in India and abroad. Their shows are held in many cities like New York, Paris, Chicago, Sri Lanka, Dubai. She told that he gets a lot of love and support from her fans in India as well as abroad. Till now she has done more than two hundred shows. She also does many shows and events and has also been honored with many awards. She understands her contestants very well and remains neutral. Understanding all the intricacies of Bigg Boss, she motivates everyone and explains it well.

Shraddha Sharma’s favorite actress is Madhubala. Since childhood, she felt attracted towards films and developed a passion for acting. She told that this is a place where fights happen over small things, mood swings take place and many new experiences are also found. Bigg Boss also understands and gives you tasks. This is your test which strengthens your patience, courage and faith.

Shraddha Sharma told that there have been many changes in the present times. Be it any field, efforts are made to take advantage of women, but if women remain aware, alert and self-reliant, they can face their problems on their own. Shraddha Rani Sharma wants to do such films so that her acting skills reach more and more people and the love of the audience keeps increasing.

She has given a stellar performance in Bigg Boss 5, which gave him a different identity. She enjoyed Bigg Boss Season 17 very much, her  favorite contestant was Vicky Jain. Shraddha Sharma says that Vicky Jain has played this game with great wisdom and balance. Ankita Khandelwal was also her favorite contest. Shraddha told about Salman Khan that Salman Khan is a very kind, loving and good person.


Shraddha Rani Sharma Is An Actress, Anchor, Dancer And Model