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Shantanu Bhamare – Anna Gavrichkova Coupled Together For MANN KYUN BEHKA JA RAHA HAI Seductive Romantic Song -Video Shooting Completed At Madh Island !...

The Seductive Romantic Hindi Video Song Album Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai is made under the banner of Shan Se Entertainment & Produced by Shantanu Bhamare, video shooting completed at Beach House, Madh Island, Mumbai under the Direction of Ravi Sharma, Choreographed by Chetna Singh, Conceptualized by Pooja Basnet, Cinematographed by Ravi. heart touching  Lyrics and Music Composed by  Ankur Ojha, Still Photography by Tapan Behera and Makeup & Hair Artist Vrushali Tupe !

Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai  Stars gorgeous Anna Gavrichkova who was born at Brjansk, Bryanskaya Oblast’, Russia & raised in Moscow, Russia, apart from Model & Actor she practices Yoga very seriously. She participated in several films, one of them is The Kerala Story.  She is full of love for India and wants all people on earth to live in peace and love and is paired opposite Handsome & Multi talented actor Shantanu Bhamare.  This song is being made keeping in mind generation Y & generation Z (typically for age from 18 years to 35 years), though generation X may like it if they have latest test and they are gelling with current generation.

For the first time you will see Shantanu in such a Seductive Romantic song. For any Seductive Romantic song there has to be very good understanding and chemistry by co-star which was shown by Anna Gavrichkova, she really got into her character and given her best scenes  in the song, you will find this song Shantanu’s and Anna’s chemistry looks very natural as if they know each other since long.

Other than video it will be also released on all the audio streaming platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Wynk, JioSaavn, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Gana, Spotify, Hungama Music, Resso, SoundCloud, Tidal, Deezer, etc.  along with Caller Tunes for all the Telecom Operators. As well as it will be released on various OTTs like Hungama Music, Hungama Play, Hungama, OnePlus TV, MI Led TV, Tata Play Music, HeftyVerse, TCL, Amazon FireTV Stick, Airtel Digital TV, etc.

As we hear the sentiments  from grapevine that this song will reach places and will become super duper hit seductive romantic song of year 2024, which can easily get millions of views ! As the excitement builds, fans and romantic song enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to the release of Mann Kyun Behka Ja Raha Hai !


Shantanu Bhamare – Anna Gavrichkova Coupled Together For MANN KYUN BEHKA JA RAHA HAI  Seductive Romantic Song -Video Shooting Completed At Madh Island !

Producer -Director Farukh Khan Bringing Bollywood Diva Rakhi Sawant As Drama Queen Featuring Anuvaral Hassan And Launching Rapstar Bali In Dubai With Salman Khan Favorite’ Mudassar Khan...

Bollywood’s quintessential drama queen, Rakhi Sawant, has once again captured the spotlight with the release of her latest music video, “Baby Drama Queen,” alongside Anvarul Hasan Annu. Shot amidst the stunning backdrop of Dubai, the music video has been making waves since its launch, especially coinciding with Valentine’s Day.

The song “Baby Drama Queen”Produced and Directed by Farukh Khan’s with his vision to all the men in the world to please care of your women ,love them, and give them all the happiness in the world because what they go through for us is no comparison, Accept their dramas, treat them like a queen not just on  valentine day but everyday! I want to take the advantage of the Dubai and international media to help spread my message around the world to make the difference in the world through Rakhi sawant who is an icon, adorable loved by her fan around the world !This is a high-energy dance number boosted by an American Rapper RS Bali featured and sung, launched in Bollywood with Bollywood well known and Salman khan favorite singer shabab sabri along with swati sharma for the first time and taking over Bollywood already in the press in dubai with his very first hit song catered to the tastes of today’s youth, showcasing Rakhi Sawant in a glamorous avatar and a icon to all the women in the world “Baby Drama Queen,” presented by Farukh Khan and New York Gang Productions in association with F Music Company, has garnered immense popularity, resonating well with the audience. Alongside Rakhi Sawant, Anvarul Hasan Annu and RS Bali also feature in the video, adding to its charm.

Rakhi Sawant’s dynamic dance moves and captivating style in the music video have been hailed as exceptional, while Anvarul Hasan Annu has also received praise for his performance. Speaking at the song’s launch, Rakhi Sawant expressed her enthusiasm, stating that the song resonates with her personality perfectly. She encouraged everyone, especially boys, to create reels on the song.

Farukh Khan, the producer and director, was visibly thrilled at the music video launch, held at the Vice Night Club in Dubai. He described the on-screen chemistry between Rakhi Sawant and Anvarul Hasan Annu as magical, further adding to the buzz around the music video.

“Baby Drama Queen” is sung by RS Bali, Shabab Sabri, and Swati Sharma, with Kumar Deepak as the composer and lyricist. The video features stellar performances by Rakhi Sawant, Anvarul Hasan Annu, and RS Bali. The choreography is by Mudassar Khan, with Wasim Siddique and Nazma Shaikh as executive producers and Parvez Pathan as the DOP.

The launch of “Baby Drama Queen” marks another successful venture for Rakhi Sawant and Anvarul Hasan Annu, solidifying their positions as entertainment icons in Bollywood. The music video’s popularity is a testament to their talent and charisma, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next collaboration.


Producer -Director Farukh khan bringing  Bollywood Diva Rakhi Sawant  as Drama Queen featuring Anuvaral Hassan and launching Rapstar Bali In Dubai with Salman Khan Favorite’ Mudassar Khan

On The Occasion Of Valentine’s Day, Shreya Entertainment And Productions Present A New Music Album Dedicated To The Youth Of India...

Mumbai, February 14. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Shreya Foundation and Shreya Entertainment and Productions launched a new music album, including tracks like “Ganesh Vandana,” “Saraswati Vandana,” “Be Aabru,” “Koshish,” and “Baaton Mein” at Novotel Juhu, Mumbai, today.

Among the dignitaries present were Shri Hemant Kumar Rai, Chairman of Shreya Foundation, along with actors Rahul Roy, Anita Raj, and Imran Khan. Actor Rahul Roy expressed that such events should take place in every city of India to inspire the youth.

Renowned actress BHUMIKA CHAWLA mentioned that Shri Hemant Kumar Rai, Chairman of Shreya Foundation, is working across India in a way that promotes unity and integrity, providing significant encouragement to the youth.

The singer of “Ganesh Aarti” is Shailendra Bharti, and the musician is Shri Vishnu Narayan. The lyrics for “Saraswati Vandana” were penned by Devendra Rana, with music by Vishnu Narayan, and it was beautifully rendered by 6-year-old singer Reeti Ganesh.

In the album “Be Aabru,” singer and musician Vishnu Narayan and lyricist Rishi Azad are credited, with lead artists Prachi Singh, Tejaswini Singh, Vishnu Narayan, and Hemant Kumar Rai.

For the album “Koshish,” Panchi Jalauonvi is the lyricist and musician, and the singer is Agam Kumar Nigam, with lead artists Rubina Akhtar and Yash Bhatia.

In “Baaton Mein,” the lyricist is Panchi Jalauonvi, the musician is Raja Ali, and the singer is Manish S Sharma, with lead artists Simran Rana, Aamir Salim Khan, and Sidra Sheikh.

At the event, Hemant Kumar Rai, President and Creative Head of the company, launched the Shreya Music platform, expressing the company’s commitment to empowering young talents in India, fostering actors, singers, lyricists, and musicians who aspire to shine on their platform.

The album’s producer, Sangeeta Rai, highlighted that their music album prioritizes the youth as the future of India, emphasizing the importance of their contributions to the entertainment, film, and media sectors, which will establish India’s unique identity globally.

Co – Producer Shalini Mishra mentioned that their company continuously encourages new talents from Uttar Pradesh, providing them with various platforms and opportunities for employment.

The launch event saw the presence of Shalini Mishra, Bikram Chakraborty, P. Mahesh, D. Tatiya, Akhilesh Tiwari, Brijesh Kumar, Rajesh Singh, Awadhesh Yadav, Jameel Ahmad, Vishal Saroj, Ram sharan Mishra, Gaurav Yadav, and Namit Singh.

The program commenced with the national anthem, followed by Shreya Anthem, Saraswati Vandana, and Ganesh Vandana.


On The Occasion Of Valentine’s Day, Shreya Entertainment And Productions Present A New Music Album Dedicated To The Youth Of India

Popular Influencer Kili Paul’s Debut Song In India, SUPER SEXY Released By AB Bansal Music...

Internationally renowned influencer and viral sensation Kili Paul has debuted in the Indian music scene with “Super Sexy,” released by AB Bansal Music. The song has garnered a tremendous response from listeners and viewers alike.

Bollywood singer Altamash Faridi makes his debut appearance alongside Kili Paul in this latest offering from AB Bansal Production. The star-studded lineup includes Kili Paul, Altamash Faridi, Bhalu Rapper, Shyna Sunsara, and Abhey Bansal. Directed by Prince 810, this captivating production features music and lyrics by Kuwar Virk, with Shyna Sunsara as the co-producer and Shaikh Sajid Ali as the creative producer.

Actress Shyna Sunsara revealed that the song was filmed in Dubai’s most picturesque locations. Packed with dance, comedy, and entertainment, the video has been a hit among music enthusiasts, providing a joyful experience for both the audience and the actors during filming.

Sarthak Bansal, Director of AB Group, expressed that the music company was established to offer a significant platform to emerging artists, musicians, and singers, and remains committed to fulfilling this vision.

Renowned Bollywood singer Altamash Faridi expressed his gratitude to Abhey Bansal, highlighting his excitement for his first video appearance in “Super Sexy.” He commended the song’s appeal to the youth.

Director Prince 810 praised the heartfelt performances of Altamash Faridi and Bhalu Rapper, emphasizing the transformative power of the music produced by Abhey Bansal. Editors Hamza Sunsara and Harsh Vardhan Singh enhanced the video with their exceptional editing skills, while Shakti Singh handled the VFX and graphics, adding to the visual allure of the song. Creative producer Shaikh Sajid Ali contributed his creative insights to the project, ensuring the music video’s success.

Notably, AB Bansal Music plans to release more songs in the near future, promising an exciting lineup for music enthusiasts.

Popular Influencer Kili Paul’s Debut Song In India, SUPER SEXY Released By AB Bansal Music

Leens Queens Entertainment Presents: Anis Mirza And Akriti Agarwal’s Latest Song BEGAIRAT...

Social media star Akriti Agarwal and Anis Mirza’s music video “Begairat” launched, lyricist Arafat Mehmood, music Shabab Azmii, director Ranveer Rajput, singer Aaman Trikha*

Nowadays social media has become such a platform through which many new talents become stars. The name of social media influencer Akriti Agarwal can be taken in this list, who has millions of followers. Akriti Agarwal, who was fond of dance and acting since childhood, first became a Tik Tok star, after which her videos gained immense popularity on Instagram also. Due to her lovely smile, beauty and facial expression, she got millions of fans. Her performance in many music videos was also praised. Now Akriti Agarwal and Anis Mirza’s new song “Begairat” has been released which is being liked a lot.

Akriti Agarwal and Anis Mirza’s music video “Begairat” was grandly launched at Red Bulb Studios, Mumbai. The producer of this song is Leens Queens Entertainment. Akriti Agarwal and Anis Mirza’s music video “Begairat” is directed by Ranveer Rajput, lyricist Arafat Mehmood, music director Shabab Azmii. Many guests and influencers including Himanshu Kumar Kushwaha were also present as guests. In the video showing the story of a broken heart, Akriti and Anis have given wonderful expressions.

Made under the banner of Leens Queens Entertainment, the singer of the music video is Aaman Trikha who has gained popularity by singing many Bollywood songs. Lyrics are written by Arafat Mehmood and music is by Shabab Azmii. On the occasion of the launch, many guests including Puneet Star, Jogendra, Saddu, Arun ji, Azhar Hussain, Sufiyan Kapadia, Mojassim Khan, Abraaz Khan were present. Everyone praised the song and appreciated the acting of Akriti Agarwal.

Himanshu Kumar Kushwaha, owner of AK Group of Companies, was present as the guest. Himanshu Kumar Kushwaha, associated with the corporate world, is the owner of 13 companies but he also runs an NGO. He also provides free online education. Himanshu Kushwaha has also received many awards.

He praised the hard work and dedication of the entire song team.

Everyone praised director Ranveer Rajput’s direction and concept and said that this song has been filmed exactly like a film song. Aaman Trikha has also lent his voice and acted in the song.


Leens Queens Entertainment Presents: Anis Mirza and Akriti Agarwal’s Latest Song ‘Begairat”

Arlin Maitra, Sharad Malhotra, Altamash Faridi At Omcar Records’ Love And Latte Singles Launch...

She is pretty. She is vivacious, she is dynamic and at 26, she is an actress-music label owner rolled into one. She is an Arlin Maitra, the driving force behind Omcar Records.

And she is launching her music label  Omcar Records’ with the romantic singles Love and Latte. An interesting song shot in Azerbaijaan, the launch has Arlin, Sharad Malhotra, Altamash Faridi, Saahil Goradia of Sumeet-Saahil, Palash Dutta, Hrishikesh Pandey, Neel Motwani, Aditya Bhansali, Sushweta Tewary, among others.

Arts including acting and music have always been Arlin’s passion. “After dabbling in modelling and acting. I figured my passion for music.

“Music is something that we all love. When I knew music is that something I live for, I needed to be a part of this industry. Being an actress, it was easy for me to give the vocals a visual representation.”

Added Sharad Malhotra, “Love & Latte was one amazing experience. Lush locales,  amazing team, great producer and costar and a winning song; what more can one ask for!”


Arlin Maitra,  Sharad Malhotra, Altamash Faridi At Omcar Records’ Love And Latte Singles Launch