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Swaran Singh Sandhu – Lending Support To the Creative Minds...

A visionary symbolizing passion, grit and determination along with a strong desire to do something constructive for the youth of his motherland, Mr Swaran Singh Sandhu is a film producer, an immigration consultant and the founder of one of the fastest growing production houses of North India – Star Crew Productions.

Having left his successful chain of business in Canada, Mr Sandhu returned to India in 2007, and soon established himself as one of the most ethical, trusted and hugely sought-after immigration consultants of the Region. Yes, he is also the founder of a leading immigration firm of the region, Raffles Educity through which he’s been trying to leave no stone unturned in creating awareness about studying and settling abroad.

Mr Sandhu’s creative genius coupled with a burning desire to help the talented artistes of Chandigarh, Punjab and even, Haryana led him to establish his own production house, Star Crew Productions in the year 2020.

His primary motivation behind launching Star Crew Punjabi, Star Crew Dhakadz (Haryanvi) and Star Crew Kirtan  (A channel dedicated to Devotional music), was to show our youth the right path to walk on towards realisation of their dreams.

Through different channels of Star Crew, Mr Sandhu has provided a platform to a plethora of talented musicians, singers, actors and models to display their talent in front of the whole world through the right means.

Mr Sandhu strongly feels that the young boys and girls of North India, must have enough opportunities here in this region itself so that they don’t have to undergo long, arduous and sometimes, unnecessary struggle in the big metropolitan cities.

The fact that so many young artistes get exploited in the big cities and often land in deep trouble due to being forced into illegal activities, human trafficking and other such dangerous rackets, has always pained Mr Swaran Singh Sandhu, who feels that Star Crew Productions can emerge as a strong support to such people.

His passion and belief in his principles is so strong that even a pandemic could not stop him from working towards his mission – the mission of providing a safe, clean and conducive environment for the young talent of North India to blossom.

The Star Crew Studios are well-equipped with the most modern technology and the world-class infrastructure. Whether it’s the superlative sound system or the high-end cameras, technicians, recordists, and so on, Mr Sandhu ensures that once an artiste reaches the Star Crew Productions office, he or she doesn’t have to go anywhere else to give wings to their creative talent.

One of the best parts about Star Crew is that Mr Swaran Singh Sandhu is a well-known motivational speaker too, and he even personally guides and mentors the young talent towards unleashing their creativity and hidden potential. His TV programs as a motivator are hugely popular amidst the youth of Punjab.

Now under his able leadership, Star Crew Productions is booming at a steady pace, and after Punjabi, Haryanvi and Devotional music videos, Mr Sandhu is all set to launch Star Crews short films, webseries, commercials and further organizing events and so much more.


To reach out, you can follow Mr Swaran Singh Sandhu on his social media and be ready to get inspired by his unique approach towards life.


Mir Arslaan A Journey From Kashmir to Bollywood

Exclusive Story By – Raja Sarfaraz

Kashmir based actor Mir Arslaan is a new Face for Bollywood who came into the limelight from the recently Released Web series Cyanide on Famous Platform, Mir Arslan a young actor Student of 10th Standard has done it marvellously. Role of Young Serial Killer Mohan who initially get head knocked in a wrong relationship later on the revenge full attitude drags him to be a killer of girls giving them Cyanide. Well, Mir Arslaan is Kashmir based Actor who is theatre associated besides has a focus to be an IPS which is itself a pompous goal. Thanking his parents for all their support Arslaan is nowadays enjoying initial phase success and getting noticed as an actor.

While we had a telephonic conversation with Mir Arslaan and here is what he says,

“I want to grow more with experience doing different types of films and web series, my first role was not easy came with a lot of challenges, I thank Director Rahat Kazmi for this and trusting my work. I had no option to make it more reliable and perfect as per character demand.

The camera makes you perfect slowly and this is what I believe that technique gets built with experience and so my motive is to do different types of roles, I m these days focusing on my acting skills and also education that I won’t always part and parcel, I don’t want to compromise in my education because as an artist you need to be disciplined and education, the knowledge of art and culture can make you more perfect. Kashmir nowadays is facing the Challenge of Drugs and the youth involved in it makes my heart bleed for them I want the youth of Kashmir to grow more in any talent they have and don’t get involved in Drugs.

We can make shine our family with our success. I’m inspired by Mir Sarwar, Raja Sarfaraz, Tariq khan, Hussain khan all are Kashmir based actors but their journey is inspiring. I’m getting offers of a new project and will shortly sign a good project.”


– Raja Sarfaraz

आईना फिल्म इंटरटेनमेंट की महिला प्रधान भोजपुरी फ़िल्म जननी तेरी कहानी का मुहूर्त संपन्न...

कहा जाता है कि सिनेमा समाज का आईना होता है। इसी बात को ध्यान में रखकर आईना फिल्म इंटरटेनमेंट बैनर के तले महिला प्रधान भोजपुरी फिल्म “जननी तेरी कहानी” का शुभ मुहूर्त धूमधाम से वाराणसी में किया गया। श्री गणेश जी की पूजा, अर्चना करके फिल्म का मुहूर्त किया गया। उक्त अवसर पर फिल्म के निर्माता, निर्देशक एवं बहुत सी दिग्गज हस्तियां मौजूद रहीं। सभी अतिथियों ने समाज को आईना दिखाने व समाज को जागरूक करने की पहल पर काफी सराहना की और फिल्म की सफलता के लिए शुभकामनाएं दीं।

गौरतलब है कि यह फिल्म समाज को जागरूक करने हेतु बनाई जा रही है। इस फिल्म के माध्यम से दर्शकों का मनोरंजन करने के साथ-साथ उन्हें संदेश भी दिया जाएगा। यह फ़िल्म समाज में महिलाओं पर हो रहे अत्याचार तथा इतने अत्याचार को सहते हुए महिलाओं का समाज को बनाने में योगदान को लेकर बनाई जा रही है।

इस फिल्म की शूटिंग उत्तर प्रदेश के वाराणसी में विभिन्न लोकेशन पर किया जाएगा, जोकि फिल्म की कहानी के अनुसार फिल्म की शूटिंग के स्थल तय किया जाएगा।

फिल्म के निर्माता सुमित स्वामी हैं। लेखक – निर्देशक रुस्तम अली चिश्ती हैं। सह निर्माता आशीष कुमार व रविन्द्र सिंह हैं। फिल्म का छायांकन प्रमोद पांडेय करेंगे। संगीतकार शिशिर पांडेय, शिवा तिवारी, दीपक दिलकश हैं। गीतकार विनय बिहारी, सुमित सिंह चन्द्रवंशी, सोनू शर्मा हैं। संकलन कृष्ण मुरारी यादव, नृत्य संजय सुमन, राजू राय, रिक्की जैस, कला बाबा बजनिया, सुजीत सावंत का है। प्रोडक्शन मैनेजर विकास श्रीवास्तव, सह निर्देशक जख्मी साजन राज, डिज़ाइनर प्रशांत हैं। पोस्ट प्रोडक्शन प्रियंका वीडियो करेंगे। मुख्य कलाकार विनय आनन्द, रानी चटर्जी, अयाज खान, लोटा तिवारी, सुमित स्वामी, संजू सोलंकी, राजू रजिया, ठाकुर हर्षित सिंह, रोमी सिंह, खुशबू राय, सनाया मल्होत्रा आदि हैं।

आईना फिल्म इंटरटेनमेंट की महिला प्रधान भोजपुरी फ़िल्म  जननी तेरी कहानी  का मुहूर्त संपन्न

Shri Sharad Pawar’s Birthday celebrated by Rajiv Sharma & Shoaib Hassan And Organised Blood Donation Camp & Distributed Fruits on the occasion...

Nationalist Congress Party has organised Cake cutting and Fruits Distribution & Blood Donation camp on the occasion of Shri Sharad Pawar Saheeb Birthday Ceremony at R.N Cooper Hospital, Mumbai.

We are spreading awareness among the citizens of our country that if you have any kind of social issues then Kindly come to us directly, we are always there to help you out.

On this event Party Leaders Sri Narendra Verma( Central Secretary & Spoke Person), Alpana Tai (Ex- Corporator), Manoj Vyaware( Senior Leader NCP), Rajiv Sharma( Secretary, Nationalist Congress Party, Mumbai), Shoaib Hassan( Social Worker), Ravi Choudhary ( Social Worker),Amit Popot ( Mumbai Secratary) were present to celebrate this occasion and even All NCP members are celebrating in different locations around India.

Rajiv Sharma & Shoaib Hassan Organised Blood Donation Camp & Distributed Fruits

Maharashtra Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Lok Sabha MP Gopal Shetty and Lalit Kala Akademi Chairman Dr. Uttam Pacharne rewarded 5 painters with a reward of Rs 2 lakh each...

Exhibition of world class artists will run till December 13 in Jehangir Art Gallery

To commemorate the Amrit Mahotsav of India’s independence, the “Second International Print Biennial India” has been organized by Lalit Kala Akademi at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai till December 13, 2021, in which 149 works of artists from India and abroad have been displayed.

Out of these hundreds of paintings, 5 artworks were selected for the award by the jury members and five artists were awarded by Chief Guest, Maharashtra Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Guest of Honor Gopal Shetty, Lok Sabha MP and Lalit Kala Akademi Chairman Dr. Uttam Pacharne. was awarded. Professor Jaiprakash Jagtap was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The grand program started with the national anthem at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. A 1-minute silence was observed here to pay tribute to the country’s first CDS General Bipin Rawat, his wife and 11 other army officers who died in a helicopter crash.

To commemorate the birth centenary year of artist Somnath Hor, a book written on his biography was released.

After that, the Chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi, Dr. Uttam Pacharne, while addressing all the people here said that congratulations to all the winning artists. For more than 60 years, Lalit Kala Akademi has been striving for the promotion of arts and artists through its art programs, activities and schemes. The International Print Biennial is one such effort, through which national and international level printing artists are provided a platform for performing arts. Chhapakala is famous all over the world. This genre has its own importance in the country and abroad, so through the organization of this biennial, the Akademi has been providing an international platform to the artists of Chhapakala. Right now this exhibition is till 13th December, art lovers should buy these paintings and encourage the artists because till these paintings are not sold then how will the livelihood of the artists work. Understanding their pain, we have given 5 awards of 2 lakhs today.

Here 5 painters were awarded a cash prize of Rs 2 lakh each by the jury. All the winners were awarded with certificates, shawls and trophies at the hands of Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari. The names of those 5 lucky painters are Jagdishwar Rao, Chandrashekhar Vasantrao Waghmare, Durgadas Garai, Sushma Yadav, Mohammad Fakhrul Islam Majumdar. Apart from these, 12 more painters were awarded the honour.

MP Gopal Shetty said here that it was a pleasure to come to such a program. thanks all. If we want to advance art, then we have to increase the courage of the artists. The program organized by Uttam Pacharne ji to give prize money to the artists is indeed a compliment. My best wishes to all the award winning painters.

Maharashtra Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari said that fine art is a big thing. To understand art, it is necessary to have art within yourself. There is some art in all of us. Gopal Shetty is a politician, it is also an art. The artist creates something after a lot of penance. I would tell the artists to come and put their soul in the field of art. Uttam ji is a great person and keeps doing good work. Congratulations to all the artists, I wish you all the best.


—————–Fame Media

दिलीप कुमार की 99वीं जयंती पर मूवी मैजिक एंटरटेनमेंट के द्वारा दिलीप कुमार नाइट का भव्य आयोजन...

राजेश नेगी ने जहीर काजी, बशीर अहमद और डॉ परिन सोमानी सहित कई हस्तियों को सम्मानित किया

पद्मविभूषण दिलीप कुमार की 99वीं जयंती के अवसर पर मुम्बई के रँगशारदा में मूवी मैजिक एंटरटेनमेंट प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के द्वारा “दिलीप कुमार नाइट” का भव्य आयोजन किया गया। इस अवसर पर मूवी मैजिक एंटरटेनमेंट प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के प्रबंध निदेशक राजेश नेगी द्वारा डॉ. परिन सोमानी सहित निम्नलिखित हस्तियों को सम्मानित भी किया। वी.आर.शरीफ, नाइटॉन वाल्व ग्रुप्स के सीएमडी, अंजुमन इस्लाम स्कूल सीएसटी के अध्यक्ष जहीर काजी, बशीर अहमद खान (दिलीप कुमार जी की मां के नाम पर आयशा सरवर स्कूल के संस्थापक), मिस्टर लकी खान डायरेक्टर नेक्स्ट विजन इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर, वर्सेटाइल एडवाइजर्स लिमिटेड के वी आर विद्यार्थी, एम डी असलम कला निर्देशक क्रिएटिव कॉन्सेप्ट, चंदा पटेल और श्री चंदू पटेल निदेशक ब्लू डायमंड प्रोडक्शंस, मिड डे इंफो मीडिया लिमिटेड के श्री भद्रेश, ए एस एंटरटेनमेंट के मिस्टर अकबर शोलापुरी, एक्सेल प्रोग्रामेटिक इंडिया के उदय विजयन और मिसेज यूनिवर्स इंटरनेशनल 2021, मिसेज ब्रिट एशियन 2021 और मिसेज इंडिया 2021 डॉ परिन सोमानी।

रज़ा मुराद, अकबर शोलापुरी ने दीप प्रज्वलित कर के इस प्रोग्राम की शुरुआत की। शैलेश नेगी, ज़ेबा काज़ी, अनिता शर्मा, राधा मंगेशकर, अगम कुमार, देबाशीष दास गुप्ता, रवि तकोरे, जी बिर्सने ने यहां दिलीप कुमार पर फिल्माए गए गीत गाकर समां बांध दिया। इस प्रोग्राम के होस्ट और ऑर्गनाइजर अकबर शोलापुरी थे।

राजेश नेगी ने बताया कि शोलापुर में दिलीप साहेब की मां के नाम पर खोली गई “आयशा सरवर उर्दू स्कूल” में 20 वर्षों से लगभग 900 गरीब बच्चों को मुफ्त शिक्षा दी जाती है।

दिलीप कुमार नाइट के अवसर पर अवार्ड पाकर डॉ परिन सोमानी ने कहा कि इस अवार्ड की मेरे लिए काफी अहमियत है क्योंकि मैं भी एजूकेशन फील्ड से हूं। मोटिवेशनल स्पीकर हूँ। दिलीप कुमार बॉलीवुड के किंग रहे हैं और उन्होंने सोसाइटी के लिए भी बहुत कुछ किया है। दिलीप कुमार नाइट का हिस्सा बनकर और यह सम्मान पाकर मैं बेहद प्राउड फील कर रही हूं। इस लाइव कंसर्ट में दिलीप कुमार साहेब के गानों को स्टेज पे सिंगर्स ने पेश किया। मुझे बॉलीवुड के पुराने गाने बेहद पसन्द हैं। मेरे लिए यह इवेंट यादगार रहेगा।

दिलीप कुमार की 99वीं जयंती पर मूवी मैजिक एंटरटेनमेंट के द्वारा  दिलीप कुमार नाइट  का भव्य आयोजन