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Grand Launch Music Video BOLA JAI BHIM On The Birthday Of Producer Ram Pandagle, Naveen Prabhakar, Rajiv Ruia Were Guests At The Song Launch Of Jayesh Pandagle...

Mumbai. June 18, 2024. The music video “Bola Jai ​​Bhim” was launched in a grand manner at the Country Club of Mumbai by many celebrity guests like comedian Naveen Prabhakar, famous Bollywood director Rajiv Ruia and director Kapil Sharma. Liaquat Nasir, Rajni Rajpakar and sitara Hind Raja have also performed brilliantly in the song adorned with artists like Jayesh Pandagle, Harsha Chauhan, Jyoti Jayant. On this occasion, Ram Pandagle’s birthday was also celebrated by cutting a magnificent cake. The guests congratulated him on his birthday by presenting him with a bouquet and gifts and wished him well. Ram Pandagle thanked all the guests.

The singer of this song is Shahid Mallya. The producer of the song is Ram Pandagle, co producer is Firoz Shaikh (Vicky), video director and choreographer is Firoz Shaikh (Vicky).

Music producer and composer is Rajendra Salunke, lyricists are Ram Pandagle, Raju Kale and Pankaj Wangurase, DOP is Rohit Yewle and Gifty Mehra. Video production has been done by Zoya International Film.

The concept is of Firoz Shaikh (Vicky) andVideo production has been done by Zoya International Film and Ashtavinayak Movies Entertainment. Special thanks have been expressed to Ahmed Siddiqui for this album.

Jayesh Pandagle, who is very excited about this song, while talking to the media said that Bola Jai Bhim is a beautiful song dedicated to Baba Saheb Ambedkar, which we shot in extreme heat in Mumbai’s Film City. The song was shot in one day but it took a year to think about it. The concept of this song is of my father Ram Pandagle, it is his thought and he has written it. Firoz Shaikh has done its excellent choreography and directed the video. This song is full of enthusiasm and excitement.

Producer Ram Pandagle said that what Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Saheb has done for the Achhoot classes of the country is unique. He got the backward classes of the society their rights, made laws. I wanted a song in Hindi that explains the works of Bhimrao Ambedkar and then one night I sat down and wrote this song after thinking a lot. This is a very beautiful song. Firoz has done a great direction. Jayesh has made it a tremendous video with his energetic acting and dance. All the artists have done a good job. Now we are starting the shooting of a new film soon, whose hero will be Jayesh.

Promotion and publicity is being done by Shabbir Shaikh of Fortune Lifeline Media and Entertainment.


Grand Launch Music Video Bola Jai ​​Bhim  On The Birthday Of Producer Ram Pandagle, Naveen Prabhakar, Rajiv Ruia Were Guests At The Song Launch Of Jayesh Pandagle

Renowned Model And Actress Rehaa Khann’s New Music Company R-Series’ First Song KAVERI Unveiled...

Senior actor Surendra Pal was present as the chief guest and actor Bobby Vats was present as the special guest. The song “Kaveri… Kaveri…” with a strong mix of excellent music composition, dance and acting will force you to dance. The song “Kaveri” launched in the presence of renowned film personalities received a lot of appreciation

Mumbai. Rehaa Khann is an actress who really needs no introduction. Rehaa has made the country proud in many beauty competitions around the world. Now Rehaa has also created her own music brand R-Series, not only this, she has also launched the first song of her new company. In the true sense, Rehaa has emerged as an unmatched example of women power. Before this, Rehaa has worked in many Punjabi songs, ad films and web series. Rheaa herself says, “Everyone has their own series, film series, web series, so that is why we have created our own series i.e. our own brand R-series. Undoubtedly, Rheaa has become a very strong female entrepreneur along with her modeling and acting career.

Talking about Rheaa’s new song ‘Kaveri’, actor Sanam Johar has supported Rheaa Khann’s strong acting in this song. Fame Music has composed the Kaveri song, adorned with the tunes of singer Zorawar. The lyricist is Ajab and the direction is by Guru Sharma. Ajay Pal has handled the work of DOP and the choreography is done by Arun Ghoge.

The video shooting of the song Kaveri has been done at the best international locations. Along with the strong acting of Rhea and Sanam Johar, its song-music, direction and choreography will give you a new experience.

 During the launch of the song Kaveri, many artists and media persons including actor Vicky Hada, actress Mini Bansal and Jannat Khan witnessed this moment. Munde Media’s PRO Ramakant Munde made the event successful by managing the media in a better and planned manner.

 Pics :- Ramakant Munde Mumbai


Renowned model and actress Rehaa Khann’s new music company R-Series’ first song “Kaveri” unveiled

Actress Pallavi Debnath Has Several Upcoming Web Series Releases Including Revolution – The Battle Of Education On Amazon Prime, With Mimoh Chakraborty & Hiten Tejwani...

Pallavi Debnath, an actress residing in Kolkata, has been actively involved in acting in films, TV shows, and web series in Mumbai for quite some time now. Pallavi had a keen interest in acting since childhood and has been participating in ramp walks and modeling since her school days.

She started her career as a model and participated in several beauty pageants, including Miss India 2010 and Miss Gladrags 2007, where she was a finalist. She also modeled for Lakme India, Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, and Signature Fashion Show, among others, winning awards such as Best Walk, Best Body, and Best Model. Currently, she is focusing more on her acting career after taking a break from modeling.

She has showcased her acting skills in various web series, including “Crackdown 2” by Apoorva Lakhia, “Padosan” and “Rakshas Dahan” on Ishara TV, “Rangeela Baap” and “Tuition Teacher” on V Motion, “Bestfriend” on Reel IT App, “Rangin” on Alt Balaji, “Pipili” and “Betab Parinde” on Namkeen TV, “Kabristan” and “M for Message” on Atrangi, “Chitralekha” on Tadka Prime, “Dasi” on MX Player, “Need” by Mukesh Agrawal, and more than fifty crime shows on Ultra Channel.

She has several upcoming web series releases, including “Revolution – The Battle of Education” on Amazon Prime, where she is working with Mimoh Chakraborty and Hiten Tejwani, and another series with Aman Verma. Her web series “Makeup Man” is also set to release soon. She has completed shooting for the web series “A Love Lease” in Punjab, co-starring with fellow actor Gulshan Pandey. Additionally, she currently has several projects in progress.

Pallavi Debnath has shared that when she first walked the ramp in her childhood, her classmates made fun of her, which deeply affected her. From then on, Pallavi resolved to achieve success as a model and actress with her strong determination, dedication, and unwavering self-confidence. She attended modeling school to improve her skills, learned dance and acting, and continues to practice and attend workshops to refine her acting. Pallavi has completed her education alongside her modeling and acting career, holding an MBA degree. She has a keen interest in reading, dancing, and singing. Her favorite actors are Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. Pallavi enjoys portraying suspenseful and thrilling characters, and has played many diverse roles. Her advice is to never give up in the face of challenges, and to believe in one’s skills and hard work, as success will eventually follow, placing the world in one’s hands.


Actress Pallavi Debnath Has Several Upcoming Web Series Releases  Including Revolution – The Battle Of Education  On Amazon Prime, With Mimoh Chakraborty & Hiten Tejwani

Padmini Kolhapure And Celebrities Grace MS Senior Pageant India Premiere Curated By Rekha Desai...

In a celebration of grace, elegance, and wisdom, the Senior Pageant India 2024, for women aged 55 and above, took center stage at Mumbai’s iconic Mukesh Patel Auditorium on Sunday, June 2, 2024. Hosted by Aman Verma, the event featured engaging Q&A sessions, enchanting dance performances, and a tribute to timeless beauty. Judged by luminaries Padmini Kolhapure, Sanjay Chhel, Dr. Cherag Bamboat, Gwen Athaide, and Bhuvaneshwari.

Shakir Shaikh, the show director extraordinaire, orchestrated a spectacular showcase of senior elegance and style. The crowning moment revealed the following winners:

4th Runner Up: Sylvia Fernandes – A symbol of elegance and grace, leaving a trail of inspiration in her wake, 3rd Runner Up: Yamini Nafde – Radiating resilience and charm, a beacon of strength and beauty, 2nd Runner Up: Priti Munshi – Exuding timeless grace and elegance, a true epitome of sophistication, 1st Runner Up: Sanchita Nagaraj-An embodiment of elegance and poise, captivating hearts with her grace.

In a moment of sheer brilliance, Anjali Nadig emerged as the winner, embodying grace, poise, and timeless beauty. Her radiant presence illuminated the stage, symbolizing the epitome of senior elegance and wisdom.

The show was sponsored by Patidar Swajan, Platinum Corp, and Jayshree International and there was a fabulous production  set up done by Raju Savla and Vinisha of Munjal Themes-N-Occasions Pvt. Ltd

Rekha Desai’s dedication brought her dream to life, presenting India’s first-ever senior citizen beauty pageant. This event marks a significant milestone in redefining beauty and age in Indian society.


Padmini Kolhapure And Celebrities Grace MS Senior  Pageant India Premiere Curated By Rekha Desai

Dr. Sandeep Marwah Honored by Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere for Promoting Indo-UK Relations...

London, UK – In a distinguished ceremony held at Hotel Grosvenor, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and ICMEI-International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, was honored by Councillor Parveen Rani, the Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere, for his exceptional contributions to promoting relations between India and the United Kingdom.

The event celebrated Dr. Marwah’s extensive work across various fields, including education, media and entertainment, and social work. His efforts have garnered international recognition, making a significant impact worldwide, including in the UK.

“I appreciate and admire the way Dr. Sandeep Marwah has been working in all spheres of life, whether it be education, media and entertainment, or social work. His efforts are known to the whole world, including the United Kingdom,” said Deputy Mayor Parveen Rani. She extended her respect to Dr. Marwah for his tireless dedication to society and various humanitarian causes, presenting him with an award to recognize his significant contributions.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Marwah expressed his gratitude for the honor and thanked Deputy Mayor Rani for her encouragement. “I am deeply honored to receive this recognition. It motivates me to continue my efforts in public service. I have realized that it is not necessary to be in politics to do a good job; what matters is the impact we make through our actions,” said Dr. Marwah.

The ceremony also highlighted Dr. Marwah’s role in various international forums, including the Indo-UK Film and Cultural Forum and the Indo-Wales Creative Forum, which have been instrumental in promoting cultural diplomacy and mutual understanding between the two countries.

The event concluded with Deputy Mayor Rani acknowledging the importance of such initiatives in building stronger Indo-UK relations. “Dr. Marwah’s work is a testament to the power of cultural and educational exchanges in bridging gaps and fostering goodwill between nations. We are proud to support and honor his contributions,” she said.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah Honored by Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere for Promoting Indo-UK Relations

The New Song Dil Se Khelne Wali By The Tiwari Sarkar Is Going Viral On The TP S Music Channel...

The new song ‘Dil Se Khelne Wali’ by the Tiwari Sarkar is going viral on the TP S Music channel. Sk Tiwari, also known as the Tiwari Sarkar, has launched a teaser for their upcoming music video on their music company Tiwari Productions’ TP S Music channel.

The teaser is available on YouTube on the TP S Music channel and is quickly going viral. The title of this song is ‘Dil Se Khelne Wali.’ The actors in this music video are actor S K Tiwari (Tiwar Sarkar) and actress Shweta Singh. The hard work and dedication of the entire TP S Music team are evident in this song. Dozens of songs are ready to be released soon on this channel. Before this, the ‘Adhoora Tere Bina’ video song has already crossed a million views on the same channel.

The main actors in this music video are Shweta Singh and S K  Tiwari. The owner of TP S Music company, S K Tiwari, is known by the name of the Tiwari Sarkar. He has two music companies: the first is ‘Sanatan World,’ which has released summaries and descriptions of all religious scriptures related to the Sanatan Hindu religion (Vedas, Vedangas, Upanishads, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita, etc.) through songs. In addition, songs dedicated to all pilgrimage sites and thirty-three crore deities are released, along with special festival songs.

The second is ‘Tiwari Productions Company,’ which is the TP S Music channel. Both channels are available on YouTube. You can subscribe, share, and like them to enjoy your favorite songs. This is a family-friendly channel. Under TP S Music, simple love, separation, and emotional songs are made in Hindi.

Even film songs are released through this channel. Special attention is paid to the lyrics of the songs before releasing them to ensure the inclusion of respectful words. While modern music videos and songs often include obscenity, vulgarity, and profanity, the Tiwari Sarkar’s company, Tiwari Productions, distances itself from such things. Care is taken not to hurt people’s feelings and values in the songs and their production.

S K Tiwari (Tiwari Sarkar ) comes from a high-caste Brahmin family in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna and is a learned and virtuous person. Whatever work he does, it is dedicated to the nation, society, and public welfare. He avoids working with anyone in professional collaboration. He doesn’t take any favors for himself. His work is based on his preferences and is impartial.

The Tiwari Sarkar only works with those whose thinking and vibes align with theirs. For the Tiwari Sarkar religion and national welfare come before self-interest. Even if there is no business progress, they do not compromise on their fundamental goals, religion, and national welfare. The Tiwari Sarkar’s ancestors also considered it their fortune to work for religion and national welfare. Following in their footsteps or one could say advancing further with innovation, the Tiwari Sarkar is working.

 S K Tiwari (Tiwari Sarkar ) is a resident of Satna, Madhya Pradesh, and is a good producer, director, writer, and actor. Under the banner of Tiwari Productions Company, their film ‘Tiwari Sarkar is being made, which will be released soon. S KTiwari (Tiwari Sarkar) plays the lead role in this film. Many famous and excellent artists are working in this film, which will be revealed soon.

 This film is based on what kind of government there should be and how it should be run. It also shows that if even one minister of the country is honest and works for the welfare of the country, corruption in the country can be controlled. Corruption, which is the biggest enemy of national and public welfare, can disappear in an instant. Currently, S K Tiwari (Tiwari Sarkar) is excited about their upcoming projects.


The New Song Dil Se Khelne Wali  By The Tiwari Sarkar Is Going Viral On The TP S Music Channel

Trailer And Music Launch Of Marathi Film BARA VARSHE SAHA MAHINE Presence Of Vijay Patkar, Producer Jitendra S Prajapati...

These days, films are being made on various subjects in Marathi, a film on a different subject ‘Bara Varshe Saha Mahine’ is going to be released in theatres on 14 June. This film of Prajapati Entertainment depicts the world and misfortune of child labourers. The trailer and music launch of this film took place at Vyanjan Banquet Hall in Andheri. The producer of this film is Jitendra Prajapati while the writer, lyricist and director is Ashirvad T. Pipre. The film stars actors like Vijay Patkar, Sanjeevani Sharma, Ganesh Pardeshi, Tanvi Ganjawala, Yogesh Rajguru and child actors Hari Abhyankar and Baby Kritina.

Celebrities like Vijay Patkar, Dilip Sen, Aditya Gupta, Mustafa Hussain, Harish ji were present along with the producer, director and actors at the trailer and song launch of the film. The film will be released in theatres across Maharashtra on 14 June.

Producer Jitendra Prajapati said that this is his first Marathi film which has a very good story. The film also has a message which the audience will get to know about when they watch it in theatres.

The director of the film said that this Marathi film also has very melodious songs. All the songs are situational. There is also a birthday song in this film. This is an eye-opening cinema on the subject of child labour.

The film is releasing by Iamplex digital theatrical distribution.


Trailer And Music Launch Of Marathi Film  BARA VARSHE SAHA MAHINE  Presence Of Vijay Patkar, Producer Jitendra S Prajapati

The Beauty Pageant Show MISS NORTH INDIA 2024 Held In Chandigarh With Great Fan & Fare...

The beauty pageant show ‘Miss North India 2024’ was organized in Chandigarh. The organizer of this beauty contest is Ramprasad Sharma. R.P. Sharma is a garment businessman and has been organizing beauty pageant shows for many years.  Media partner for this beauty show is Mayuri Media Works and their CEO is Puneet Khare.

The Miss North India 2024 show was organized under the banner of Mumbai Event Company and My Dream India Foundation. The show’s assciote was ‘Vandu Masale Sabse Nirale’. More than 25 models from different cities participated in this beauty pageant show. The winner of this show was Yashika Sharma.

The first runner-up was Avish Kaur, and the second runner-up was Jehan. The guest of honor at this show were Harinder Singh, the owner of King Groups, Lt General S.K. Kaushal, former DGP of Punjab S. Rajendra Singh, former Minister of Social Security and Woman Welfare Gurkaval Kaur, and Amandeep Mittal, Director of North States India (IHRC). The show was hosted by Simran Ahuja. The event management of the show was done by Dinesh Sardana. The choreography of the show was done by Bobby.

The selection of all these participants was done through an online contest. The beauty pageant show Miss North India 2024 winner was awarded a cash prize and crowned. The winner will also be given the opportunity to work as a model and actress in Hindi music videos. R.P. Sharma said that the purpose of organizing such beauty pageant shows is to boost the confidence of today’s youth and provide a platform to advance their careers. Miss North India show is not just a means of showcasing a woman’s beauty, but also a means of understanding and nurturing their intelligence and knowledge.

This show was organized with a focus on elegance and standards, featuring Western, Ethnic, and Sari attire. The grand beauty pageant show was organized in Chandigarh for the first time. Shriya Deshmukh and Ayesha Shetty from Mumbai were also present at this beauty pageant show. They launched their brand ‘Shreesha’ at this show. All the models of the ‘Shreesha’ brand walked the ramp in Indian attire at this show.


The Beauty Pageant Show MISS NORTH INDIA 2024 Held In Chandigarh With Great Fan & Fare