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Mumbai Traffic Police Department Joins Hands Again with Top Gear India Magazine for Road Safety Week

Mumbai Traffic Police Department Joins Hands Again with Top Gear India Magazine for Road Safety Week

The 2nd edition of ‘Street Smart Street Safe’ press conference was graced by Pooja Bedi and Dino Morea

Mumbai, 11, January 2017: After a widely successful road safety week campaign last year, the Traffic Police Department of Mumbai has collaborated yet again with TopGear India Magazine for the 2nd edition of ‘Street Smart Street Safe’ 2017.

The Traffic Police Department is constantly trying to tackle everyday challenges for the citizens and this one-week long campaign reflects this notion and is an extension of the same values. The press conference held at Sofitel (BKC) on 11th January 2017 was graced by well-known personalities, Pooja Bedi and Dino Morea, who came forward to support this worthy cause.

Making it a noteworthy affair, the high-profile event witnessed the presence of political dignitaries and esteemed authorities including Joint Commissioner of Traffic Mr. Milind Rambhau Bharambe, Dr. Praveen Gedam, Transport Commissioner, Government of Maharashtra,  Honorable Transport, Khar Land Development Minister Shri Diwakar Raote and lastly Founder of Olive Theory’s Ms. Sushmita Dalmia. In addition to this extensive effort in Mumbai and making it a state-wise affair, an on- ground activation in Kolhapur will also be conducted with an aim to spread road safety awareness.

Through this campaign, automotive and lifestyle magazine, Top Gear India aims to leverage its identity to raise awareness around the road safety week initiative that is currently being implemented by the Mumbai Traffic Police. The event had esteemed brands such as Olive Theory and MEP Infrastructure joining hands in this relevant cause as partners.

Commenting on the road safety campaign, Honorable Transport, Khar Land Development Minister Shri Diwakar Raote said,“This is a great initiative by Worldwide Media to educate everyone about the road safety measures. People crib and discuss a lot about road safety issues but when it comes to them they just forget it conveniently. It is their attitude which can make the campaign successful not anyone of us. We also believe that now is the time to make some additions in the road safety act which was introduced in 1986. We should include strict fine for breaking rules that people are scared to break them. ” Adding more to it, Shri Raote stated, “With such hardworking transport department, we are trying to bring in new processes in place where people are not supposed to go to RTO offices or agents. as everything will be online, from renewing licenses to  paying fee.”

Dr. Praveen Gedam, Transport Commissioner, Govt of Maharashtra, “We are glad to be associated with a campaign like this for road safety but it is not only a week’s thing but should go for 356 days and 24×7. There are close to 1.5 lakh people who die every year in road accidents and most are 15-49 age group. This is one of the leading causes which affect the GDP. Out of all these accidents, the person who is driving is the cause of 3/4 of the accidents. This week we aim to sensitize people about the safety measures and traffic rules.”

Milind Rambhau Bharambe, Joint Commissioner of Traffic, Mumbai said “We all know traffic rules but unfortunately with such congestion on roads, we tend to violate these rules. We have taken various measures to streamline the road safety condition. Mumbai police is going cashless which means no one is going to accept any cash as fine on field. There will be CCTV cameras to keep an eye across the city and we will generate electronic tickets if anyone will be caught breaking rules. Not only this, Mumbai Traffic Police has launched MTP app which is available on iOS and android. Through this app anyone can upload pictures of any traffic violation taking place around them and share it with us. After authenticating the picture, an action will be taken against the person. We look forward for everyone’s support and appeal to the citizens to participate in the initiative.”

Actor Dino Morea on Street Smart, Street Safe campaign said, “This is a great initiative put together to educate everyone about traffic safety discipline. I travel a lot in the city and it irritates me seeing people with no civil sense. Everyone seems to be in so much hurry that tends to break rules thinking that they can get away with such things. I would want to urge people to follow these rules as they are for our betterment only.”

Actress Pooja Bedi commented on the campaign, “Media plays a very important role in spreading the message and this is one such message which needs to reach out to each and every person. A majority of accidents are avoidable if people start following rules and we have some strict punishment in place. We all are aware of traffic safety rules but still there are people who do not hesitate from breaking them. I believe this is a n wonderful app introduced by the Traffic Police of Mumbai and we all should join hands with them to make it smoother.”

Commenting on the same, Head Strategy-Worldwide Media Pvt.Ltd. Mr. Sunil Wuthoo stated, “The Traffic Police Department of Mumbai, with many such efforts has been constantly trying to find a solution for the congestion on roads and road safety in general. We’re extremely proud to have associated with such a cause that affects people on a daily basis and we are optimistic that this campaign will be extremely successful.”

Co-Founder & Director, Olive Theory- Sushmita Dalmia said, “To add to all my fellow panelists, would like to add one thing to it that is Women’s safety which needs to be taken seriously across the nation and we need to support the Street Smart, Street Safe initiative.”

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