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Chaturnaath All India Releasing On 24th May 2019

Chaturnaath All India Releasing On 24th May 2019

Chaturnath, the  protagonist in  the movie, is an ordinary man with a strong  desire to fight corruption in society. To fulfill it, he goes to the length of faking it as a lawyer himself! But that is not all. There is a secret power awaiting to help him in his motive and that lies in his  Lawyer’s  uniform. As he wears the magical black suit, the ordinary Chaturnath turns into this invincible & courageous lawyer that is a master of eloquence,  passion &  wisdom! Thus he is able help the poor & deprived get their due  justice.


Artist  Onkardas manikpuri  Natha First time In there Different Role , Nira  , Akhilesh gaur , Arvind Agarwal ,Rajesh Morya ,Hariom , Desh deepak mishra, Chandra praksh , Amit mishra , Kanchan , Heer, Arti,Lalan lahari, Ashish agarwal, Sidharth trypathi ,Mahima Tiwari , Ashutosh Devedi , Janardan pandey, Sandeep Yadav,,Antaricha, Bhagat, Sachidanand Vikash Tripathy Anang Tripathy,   Produce Arvind Agarwal. Aur director Swadesh  Music Singh Brothers & DJ Bharali , Lyrics Pt kiran mishra , S R bharti , Niranjan,   Camera Pappu K Shetty.

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