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13th International Festival Of Cellphone Cinema Announced

13th International Festival Of Cellphone Cinema Announced

Mumbai: 13th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema has been announced for all those who love short films and ready to shoot stills and movie on their mobile phones, submission of entries to be closed on 15th May, the date has been extended owing to lock down.

“We are pleased to announce the 13th edition of our admired festival International Festival of Cellphone Cinema today. The 15th May is the last date of        receiving entries of films made from mobile phone,” said Sandeep Marwah President of the festival who has been earlier titled as Father of Cellphone Cinema.

This time, well known actor director Satish Kaushik, film director Raju Parsekar and director of short films Vevek Paul along with Prof. Karl Bardosh and Sandeep Marwah are going to be on the jury to announce and distribute number of gifts received from DETEL.

“It is a very interesting festival and I am looking anxiously for the people especially from film and media students to submit their entries. You never know some time you get a unique idea from these films to actually produce a full length feature film and participant gets his due credit,” said Satish Kaushik appreciating the concept of cellphone cinema.


The entries can be in four categories namely Still Photos taken by mobile, Movies made by mobile and can be in three different categories that is- News Gathering, -Music Video and -Fiction. All these movies should not be more than 3 minutes in duration.

These films can be uploaded on or can be sent via Whatsapp to no +918586978492. You can visit the website for further details.

This is the first Cellphone Cinema festival ever started anywhere in the World. Last year Dr. Marwah had taken this festival to Cannes during Cannes International Film Festival in France, to Budapest in Hungary and New York in USA.

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