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Jamil Saidi’s Fascinating Journey So Far

Jamil Saidi’s Fascinating Journey So Far

Born on the 27th of august 1969, in Tonk Rajasthan. Jamil’s flamboyant lifestyle and ambition to strive  inspire many in rajasthan which has resulted in a huge fan following to an extent where thousands of people come to take pictures and autographs from him whenever he visits his home town.His life is an epitome of a honest,hardworking and fascinating journey.

From finishing schooling in one of the most leading schools in India, Jamil went off to london to make his dreams turn into reality just at the age of 19. After 7 years, Jamil shifted back to India and caught many famous politicians attention and because of his expertise and knowledge he became the General Secretary of Youth Congress.


However, after a while he realised that it was business that interests him not politics.

In today’s world there are very few self made people, people who have done well for their family and their self just by themselves and Jamil Saidi is one of them. He has always believed that “being honest is the first step towards success”. Even though Jamil used to be busy with work for atleast 20 days a month he always took out time for his wife Ammu and children Aryaan & Shayaan. He also made sure his kids are having a great childhood and has made them walk multiple fashion shows infront of thousands of people in which even famous bollywood celebrities like Mr Sanjay dutt and Mr Irrfan khan were a part of.

He often used to take his children and his wife out for vacations abroad to london, Miami, Cannes or if he didn’t have much time, he just took them for a short trip to Jamil’s marvellous fort on the hills of Rajasthan or his beautiful 100 acre property by the lake near jaipur which reminds you of Hawaii every time you go there.

After Jamil’s wife Ammu’s death in November 2017 due to cancer, the businessman tried to stay in town as much as possible because of his two minor kids.

The people in his home town look upto him as a role model and whenever is in town he is invited to give speeches to thousands of people. A few months back, in January, his speech about poverty and the importance of culture and religion to the people of Tonk, rajasthan had become trending and was widely being circulated across his home town.

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