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INDIA’S PRIDE EXCELLENCE ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS 2022 was held in Pune recently with great fan and fare. Many Celebrities and Businessman were Awarded the IPEAA Awards in a marvelous  function In WE Hotel Pune.

  • Seema Bundhela: Seema Bundhela is a Public Relations expert and Executive Producer based in Mumbai. In a short period of time, she has achieved considerable success in her career and has become a well-known figure in Mumbai.
  • Snehal Bangar: Snehal Bangar has been named a young icon for inspiring others to be the best in their respective fields.
  • Samruddhi Jadhav: Samrudhi has been a fashionista since she was a child, and she has always created her own unique statement. Her zeal has earned her the title of fashionista of the year.
  • Ritesh Vyas: Ritesh Vyas has had entrepreneurial ideas since he was a child. His calculated mind and foresight have made him a well-known Ahemdabad businessman.
  • Babu Patel: Babu Patel is the Managing Partner of Sasta Recharge and has been a part of Joil Entertainment for the past 5 years, among his other activities.
  • Mona Poordayaei: Mona Poordayaei is a famous Iranian chef. She is a young woman who has organised multiple cuisine festivals in India’s five-star hotels. She has worked as a wedding chef for Hyderabadi Nawabs and possesses Iranian magic in her hands.
  • Sonal Purohit: Dr. Sonal Purohit is a celebrity lifestyle coach and the managing director of Satvik Lifestyle Management in Pune. She has encouraged many people to live a satvik lifestyle and understand the importance of the same.
  • Shruti Saxena: Shruti Saxena is a strong woman who has worked as a train manager, a position that is uncommon in India. She has tried her luck as a model and actress since she has a passion for modeling and acting, which has led to success and renown, and this award is to recognize her gut power and vitality.
  • Salman Inamdar: Salman Inamdar is a well-known businessman. He is the Director of Balraj and Salman Production.
  • Balraj Singh: Balraj Singh is a well-known figure in the business community. He is the Director of Balraj and Salman Production.
  • Kunal Thakkar: Kunal Thakkar is the Founder and CEO of the Interior Mall, which is known for its design quality. He is also a young, dynamic personality in the creative industry who has been recognized for this award.
  • Pushpak Pashine: Pushpak Pashine is a passionate and talented photographer who excels in capturing the ideal moments, thus winning the Best Photography of the Year award.
  • Rahoul Sonawane: Rahoul Ssonawane is the Founder and CEO of Success booster Pvt Ltd. He has had a lot of success in the corporate sector and has done some amazing work in the industry, which has helped him get a lot of popularity among the general public.
  • Naren Rathi: Naren Rathi has always been a keen observer and follower of the fashion world. Because of his interest, hard effort, and enthusiasm, he has become one of the top fashion designers of our day.
  • Pakkhi Hegde : Pakkhi Hegde is a multitalented individual. She is a well-known actress who has appeared in numerous Bollywood and South Indian films. Pakhi is a stunning woman with impeccable taste and a gracious demeanor, in addition to being a social activist.
  • Shripal Jain: Shripal Jain is a successful businessman who specializes in real estate and contracts. He also has a passion for production and direction and runs his own production company.
  • Yash Wadali: Yash Wadali has a number of viral music videos and has appeared as a background singer in a number of South Indian films, as well as being named Best Signer of the Year by a jury in the United States.
  • Riya Mohan: Riya Mohan, a 23-year-old young woman from Pune, dreams of reaching the sky and flying high. She holds a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. She is a model, a Pagent winner, a fashion connoisseur, and an aspiring influencer. Despite her young age, she has won countless titles and crowns in beauty pageants.
  • Rakesh Sabarwal: Rakesh Sabarwal is a well-known Bollywood director and producer who has worked on a variety of shows, events, and films. He owns his own production house as a result of his keen interest in the field. Since season one, he has served as an event jury for a number of shows around the world and has been a strong supporter of Joil entertainment events.
  • Nikita Rawal: Nikita Rawal is one of the most sophisticated actors in the industry. She has won awards for best actress in both Bollywood and the South.
  • Malvi Malhotra: Malvi Malhotra is one of the most stunning models in the industry right now. She has been named the Fresh Face of the Year.
  • Shamonisha: Shamonisha is a stunning young woman who is fascinated by sculptures, stones, and marbles. Her vibrant personality and inventive mindset have earned her the title of Best Business Woman of the Year.
  • Bhakti Jamsandekar : Bhakti Jamsandekar is a well known Model in the industry . She is also a Pagent winner.
  • Ayush Lotikar: Ayush Lotikar is a well-known Model on the Fashion Runway. Because of his charming nature, hard work, and great determination, he is gaining a foothold in the field.
  • Yash Thorat: Yash Thorat is a well-known runway model. Due to his dashing and lethal features, he has become the heartthrob of many young people.
  • Basannt Rasiwasia : Basannt Rasiwasia is a Numerologist and Vastu Expert. People who understand Vastu and believe in the numerological significance of numbers eagerly wait for his appointments.
  • Mannan Maalik: Mannan Maalik is a well-known model and recipient of the Pagent award.
  • Pradeep Pali: Pradeep Pali comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His vision has earned him the title of the town’s top businessman.
  • Mayuri Shubhanand: Mayuri Shubhanand is a fashion Model also gifted with acting skills. She is also an Actress now.
  • Anushka Harake: Anushka Harake aspires to be a role model for children and to make a meaningful contribution to society by utilizing her positive talents. Singing and dancing are two of her favorite activities. In addition, she enjoys outdoor sports such as cricket, badminton, and skating. This actress and stylish kid model has won multiple pageant awards since she was a child.
  • Sandy Joil : Sandy Joil is an entrepreneur, director, and CEO currently headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is well-known in the fashion world. He is a young entrepreneur and a vibrant, adaptable individual who is well-known in the fashion world as a pageant organiser. Due to his entrepreneurial and leadership qualities, he is the founder and owner of two beauty pageants. He started Joil Entertainment, a Mumbai-based company, in September 2021 and serves as its director and CEO. Mr. Miss & Mrs. Universe is his company, and he is the founder, CEO, and Director.
  • Sunny and Sanjay Golden Guys:



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