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Little Known Facts About The Most Influential Personality AMB. DR SANIPINA JAYALAKSHMI RAO

Little Known Facts About The Most Influential  Personality AMB. DR SANIPINA JAYALAKSHMI RAO

Meet the most Influential  Personality AMB.DR SANIPINA JAYALAKSHMI RAO .With her hardwork and never-ending attitude to reach the ladder of success has very well proved age is just a number ,If you want to reach skies you can but your perseverance and hunger to learn more.She is unstoppable,She achieved in every field of life leaving no stone unturned .From educationist to a Beauty Pageant she stood winner in all fields.

She is Ambassador of World Human Rights Protection Commission, National President, Facebook Super Editor, Global Peace Ambassador of The American University,USA, National President of World Culture , Popular Queen of Universe 2023 Winner and P.Q.U : Best National Costume INDIA at Dubai, IAWA Mrs.India Classic, 2023 Winner .Environment Protection Commission and Director and IAWA Andhra Pradesh President, and as Global Achiever Receipent of more than 100 National and International Awards till date. By Profession she is an Editor, Higher Education and Publisher , Writer, Poetess and author.

* Could you share your Memorable moments of 2023 ?

Ans: My memorable moments  of 2023 when I received the most       Prestigious awards in my life journey are as At Popular Queen Of Universe,  PQU Earth and Best National Costume Winner at Dubai by IAWA and Amarcine Production in 2023.

Honourary Doctorate Award and Certificate of Excellence from the American University USA in UAE and as Global Peace Ambassador of the University, USA. Second Doctrate and Ambassador award  in Higher Education  Publisher from International Peace Achievement Awards Council,Delhi. World wide Doctrate in Bhubaneswar. Ambassador if worldwide Human Rights Protection Commission.

Precious Gems of India Award 2023 on 7th May at Mumbai ,INDIA’S 100 Future Leaders, Asian Excellence  Awards Singapore, Influential Women of the year in Singapore .Fox story  100  Inspiring women of India .

Life time achievements Indian Iconic Award,in Delhi , Ashoka Award and Nari Samman in Education From  Iconic Peace Award Council. International Mahatma Gandhi Noble  Peace Award,Asian Education  Award as Best Edtech Of the year.

Rashtriya Padma Bhushan Samaan as Higher Educationist and Publisher.

Bharat Ratna Dr.B.R Ambedkar Bharat Bhushan Award towards dedication in nation Building .Nasa’s official Declaration Certificate As Planetary Defender in Double Asteroid Redirection Test Mission .

My name has been recorded as successor in Book Of World  Records,London. International European Book of Records and India Star world Records.

* What is your future Plans for 2024 ?

 Ans: My future Plans for 2024  to start new projects for women empowerment, and working as  National President and Ambassador of World Human Rights  Protection  Commission and National President of World Culture and Environment Protection Commission and as Planatary Defender in Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission and to work for Humanity at National and International Level for social and economic justice and Peace as Educationist and Social Entrepreneur.

*  After One year  where you want to see yourself ?

 Ans:  After One year I would like to see myself as  Social Reformer a Social Entrepreneur as Global Achievers setting new world records as per the opportunity in different fields.

* What’s the message on New Year ?

 Ans: My message on New Year is  Save our Green planet Earth for  present and future generations Let us join hands to save Mother Earth .

* What  was  your key Driving Force to become a Social Entrepreneur ?

Ans: My key Driving Force to become a Social Entrepreneur is Passion to work as Lecturer in Economics in 1980 . I am  confidence in my vision with work to make it a reality as successful  Social Entrepreneur.

* How do you help people?

 Ans:  I help people by my  contributions in different fields for a cause for women empowerment for social and economic justice and global Peace and harmony as Ambassador of International Organizations.

* What motivates you ?

Ans:   My will power and passion to achieve success as Global Achiever that motivate me for a cause  and work for it till I achieve success.

* What’s your greatest fear? How do you manage fear

 Ans: At 66 years  I have already  conquered fear.  Fear  in exam or contest I had till 1980 after  Mahanadi floods I lost fear only mission Service to mankind is Service to God

* What are your ideals?

Ans:  I am Pragmatic in outlook. For me Human Values: Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Non violence are my ideals to serve humanity for social and economic justice.

*  How do you define Success?

 Ans: I define Success as Global Achievers.Success is When I reach my aim or purpose in my mission .

*  What advice you give to fresh Startups, what sort of  Pattern or formula to become successful entrepreneur ?

Ans:My advice to fresh Startups  is Best way to predict the future is to invent it. Secondly Ideas are easy, Implementing  is hard The only way to do great work is to love what you work. You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.

Formula to become successful entrepreneur

  1. Find a co-founder , 2. Don’t be afraid to Pivot, 3. Don’t underestimate the power of marketing 4.Get involved with Startup Community, 5. Be prepared for fundraising, 6. Hire Carefully 7.Pay attention to cash flow , 8. Keep your eye on prize . By following the 8 points one can become a Successful entrepreneur.

*  What’s your favorite aspect of being Entrepreneur?

Ans :  My favorite aspect of being  Entrepreneur is having the opportunity to take an idea and inspire other people around meto contribute to that idea , make it better and put it into action when it comes down to it  Success is sweeter when you were the one to take risks as Entrepreneur. One of the features of Entrepreneurship is that the whole business is run and  managed by one person in monopoly Entrepreneur. So there’s no one to share the risks with ,not talking risks can stagnant a business and excessive impulsive risks taking can cause losses.

* What has been the most satisfying moment in your life journey of success?

Ans:The most Satisfying moment in my life journey of success when I received International Awards 2023, Lifetime Achievement Awards, International Icon Award 2023 for my contributions in  different fields as Global Achiever and International Icon .

* What would you say are the top three skills needed to reach success of ladder?

Ans: My point of view Top three skills needed to reach success of ladder: a combination of  1. PASSION, 2. PERSISTENT  and 3.RISKS – TAKING.

* What tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day to day  busy schedule?

Ans: I have  discovered the tricks  to keep me focused and productive in my day to day busy schedule :  1. Use time blocks, 2. Buddy Punch,  3. Forget about multi-task , 4. Choose a good website hoist, 5. eliminate distraction like phone calls  , TV etc, 6 .Establish Accountability, 7. Learn when to say ‘ NO’. 8. Consider power of delegation and 9.Avoid burnt-out.

* Who has been your greatest inspiration?

 Ans:My greatest inspiration  is  Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and  his services to humanity  in Education ,  Drinking water Supply projects,  Super Speality Hospital : SSSIHMS. and his divine Discourses brought perfection in my intellectual skills as Global Achiever.


Little Known Facts About The Most Influential  Personality AMB. DR SANIPINA JAYALAKSHMI RAO


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