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To Make Dreams Come True, You Have To Lose Something: Riddhima Tiwari

To Make Dreams Come True, You Have To Lose Something: Riddhima Tiwari

The glow of Mayanagari attracts everyone like a magnet, its attraction cannot be avoided. Since childhood, Riddhima’s passion for acting attracted her to Mumbai. Riddhima was born in a middle class Brahmin family of Ranchi (Jharkhand).  Her family background is also not related to the film industry, but dance, art and excellent acting are innate in Riddhima, she is rich in versatility. She did not need to work hard to hone her skills. It is her habit of learning at first sight that enhances her talent. Riddhima is very self-respecting and dedicated, ever since she grew up she earns money through her own hard work, she does not like to depend on others. She is continuously working in modeling, TV and film industry. She has worked in Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India and many web series like ‘Dahenam, Murder Mystery, Jalebi Bai, Madhosh Diary, Walkman, Kitab Ki Raj, Rajinikanth, Mool Ki Bahu, Crime Alert’.

Apart from this, she has also got the opportunity to work in South Indian films and in future also she wants to work in Hindi, South Indian and other regional films and webseries. She considers actor Rajinikanth as her idol and has a strong desire to work with him. Riddhima likes the concepts of South Indian films that give importance to Indian customs and family. She is also influenced by the innovation and new concepts that have come in Bollywood films in modern times.

As an actress, Riddhima wants to do such a role which becomes an example for the people, which proves to be timeless and she is also striving for this. She believes that a person must have a resolution and a destination and must also work hard and have strong willpower to fulfill it. Riddhima is a happy and very hardworking personality. She likes dancing and travelling. She likes to go to new places and know interesting information related to its nature, history, civilization and customs etc. She like to make new friends and live life to the fullest. Riddhima says that it is important to trust yourself and love yourself, only then you will try hard to make yourself successful and you will be able to achieve success. Riddhima has also got full support from her friends Meet Kaur and Supriya Priyadarshini. Both of them have always encouraged Riddhima.

Yes, sometimes to achieve the destination we have to lose a lot and face struggles but we should never go back by accepting defeat because we may be born poor but we should not spend our entire life in poverty. It is up to us to decide what we want in our life and how to get it. No one is immortal here. Everyone has their own life so it is not fair to kill your dreams for others. Everyone has the right to find happiness in their short life, especially our daughters.


To Make Dreams Come True, You Have To Lose Something: Riddhima Tiwari

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