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Calcutta’s Anushka Das Aka ‘Moon’ Has Been Working In The Film And TV Industry For Many Years

Calcutta’s Anushka Das Aka ‘Moon’ Has Been Working In The Film And TV Industry For Many Years

During the Corona epidemic, she took a break from acting and did only social service work and  helped the needy in every possible way. Anushka Das has her own NGO organization through which  she provides public service, the name of this organization is ‘Moon Charitable Foundation’.

Now Anushka is going to act in TV and films again. Anushka has done a lot of shows over the years. She has performed dance in the shows of many  legendary singers like Udit Narayan, Honey Singh, Bombay Vikings, Mika Singh, Vinod Rathod.

Through modeling shows, she has also appeared in advertisement films of many brands like Airtel, Electrolytes etc. She has also shown her dancing charisma in Colors channel’s reality show Dancing Queen in which veteran artist Jitendra was the judge. Anushka has worked in Hindi and Bengali music videos and has appeared in many music videos of TV series,  prominent among which are Ye Raat Bheegi and Loafer (Bangla). Moon has also done item dance in South films.

Anushka is a model, actress, dancer, social worker and influencer. Since childhood, she was interested in acting and dance, hence she took training in acting and  modeling and also learned other forms of dance along with Kathak.

Anushka Das aka Moon has also won many awards in which she was honored at Bhopal Mahotsav, Lucknow Mahotsav.

Has been honored with many awards like Lions Club Brewery Award. She likes the acting of actors Vinod Khanna,  John Abraham, Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor and actresses Sridevi and Deepika Padukone. Apart from these,  she likes Vin Diesel, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna among Hollywood artists. She also aspires to work in a film full  of action and thrill.

Anushka Das says that if you have a dream then try your best to fulfill it. May you never regret that you did  not try to make your dreams come true. Never let anything diminish in your hard work and dedication.  Yes, something also depends on your luck but believe in yourself. Because where there is a will, there is a way.

You keep doing good deeds. One should never lose courage and motivate oneself that I can do it. Anushka is very bubbly, friendly and intelligent and she wishes to go to Salman’s show Bigg Boss once.  Anushka is as dedicated to her work as she is religious and follows the Bhagavad Gita.

Calcutta’s Anushka Das Aka ‘Moon’ Has Been Working In The Film And TV Industry For Many Years

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