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From Social Work To Politics Sanjay Manhas Journey Is Inspiring

From Social Work To Politics Sanjay Manhas Journey Is Inspiring

Jammu and Kashmir which is known for its art, craft and culture has also creamy socio political decorum and people are now booming in Politics.Sanjay Manhas hailing from Bhalessa of  Doda District Jammu and Kashmir has not impressed society with Social work only but now A dynamic Young and senior  leader of Jammu and Kashmir based political party Peoples Democratic Azad Party (DPAP) is creating huge impact in public domain connecting roots from urban to rural Traces.

Sanjay Manhas is an example of youth inspiration and is being awarded on state and National level. The recent award was ACFI Pride of India award decorated by Principal Resident Commissioner Rashmi singh IAD at New Delhi.

Well Sanjay Manhas commenced his political carrier during 2000 and Has been Very secular minded person appreciated by youth especially, His Endeavours to bring youth at one platform of modern fabric, well he keeps saying Youth must not say Politics is dirty game but they must come on semblance role and make a society were democracy must be more enjoyed as festival and The set up that will make nation more strong and booming

When we asked Sanjay Manhas about Forthcoming things he said ,

Well i acknowledge in brotherhood and i want to catch sight of Jammu and Kashmir glowing and shinning more, Not only in one field but field of art, culture, craft, entertainment, Music, Sports, education, Hospitality, tourism, Content creation, ideas bringing, Modern technology and also keep roots alive because Jammu and Kashmir is one of the richest cultural state.

We asked Sanjay Manhas a message to youth as being a youth icon.

He says, well youth is out future and precious treasure, we need to respect and boast youth keeping in mind their respective intelligence and Talent and fit out platforms accordingly, Drugs now a days are big threat so we need to frame few policies of healing and meditation also system must be more perfect so that future of country will not get spoiled .This is need of an hour to impart healing touch to such youth.

From Social Work To Politics Sanjay Manhas Journey Is Inspiring

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