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वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स ने प्रियंका रेवड़ी को किया अनुबंधित

वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स ने भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री की बहुत ही खूबसूरत अदाकार प्रियंका रेवड़ी को एक्सक्लूसिवली  साइन किया है। अभिनेत्री प्रियंका रेवड़ी पहली बार भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री में वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स प्रस्तुत भोजपुरी फ़िल्म पवन पुत्र में भोजपुरी के पॉवर स्टार पवन सिंह के अपोजिट नजर आई थी। अब वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स के ओनर रत्नाकर कुमार ने प्रियंका रेवड़ी को अपनी आगामी परियोजनाओं के लिए अनुबंधित किया है। जिसके तहत प्रियंका अब वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स की आगामी फिल्मों और वीडियो एलबम्स में भोजपुरी के सुपरस्टारों के साथ  नजर आने वाली हैं।

इस मौके पर वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स के ओनर रत्नाकर कुमार ने कहा कि प्रियंका रेवड़ी में काफी ज्यादा पोटेंशियल है, जिससे वे आने वाले समय में भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री में राज करने वाली हैं। मैंने प्रियंका के अंदर काम के प्रति जुनून देखा है। इसलिए उन्हें हमारी कंपनी ने सबसे पहले अनुबंधित कर लिया है।

प्रियंका ने कहा कि मुझे वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स से जुड़ कर बहुत ज्यादा खुशी हो रही है, क्योंकि मेरी पहली भोजपुरी फ़िल्म भी वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स के द्वारा प्रोड्यूस की गई थी। जिसमे मेरे साथ इंडस्ट्री के दिग्गज अभिनेता पवन सिंह और अभिनेत्री प्रियंका पंडित नजर आई थी। फ़िल्म ने बॉक्स ऑफिस पर बहुत अच्छा प्रदर्शन किया था। मैं तहेदिल से रत्नाकर कुमार का आभार व्यक्त करती हूं जो उन्होंने मुझे अपनी कंपनी के साथ जोड़ा थैंक यू रत्नाकर जी।

Bollywood Actress Alisa Khan Speaks About Astroyogi...

बॉलीवुड एक्ट्रेस अलिसा खान फ़िल्मो में अभिनय के साथ साथ एस्ट्रोलॉजी का भी काम करती है।हाल ही में वह एक ऑनलाईन एस्ट्रोलॉजी पोर्टल एस्ट्रोयोगी से जुड़ी । ऑनलाइन एस्ट्रोलॉजी पोर्टल एस्ट्रोयोगी ने बॉलीवुड एक्ट्रेस अलिसा खान के साथ किया गलत   ।

कुछ दिन उन्होंने इस पोर्टल के लिए काम किया बाद में इस पोर्टल ने बिना किसी सूचना के उन्हें जॉब से निकाल दिया।अलिसा खान ने बताया कि एस्ट्रोयोगी की सब्सक्रिप्शन एक साल के लिए 24000 में खरीदी थी । जो अगस्त में एक्सपायर होगा ,लेकिन उन्होंने बिना मेरी अनुमति के मेरा प्रोफाइल ऑफ कर दिया।इस तरह से एस्ट्रोयोगी ने मेरे साथ गलत किया है।

बतादें कि गाज़ियाबाद के शाही परिवार से ताल्लुक रखने वाली  अलिसा खान ने बॉलीवुड में बतौर अभिनेत्री हिंदी फ़िल्म ” माय हसबैंड वाइफ” से डेब्यू किया था । वह इमरान हाशमी के साथ  फ़िल्म ” आईना” में भी काम कर चुकी हैं जो जल्द ही रिलीज होगी ।

अलिसा ने बताया कि उनके परिवार वाले नही चाहते थे कि वह बॉलीवुड में कदम रखे , लेकिन एक्टिंग के प्रति उनके जनून ने उन्हें यहां तक खींच के लाया । अलिसा जिस शाही परिवार से ताल्लुक रखती है ऐसे परिवार से लड़कियों का फिल्मो में आना ठीक नही माना जाता है ,लेकिन वह अपने परिवार से जंग लड़कर मुम्बई आयी और अपने बलबूते पर आज अपनी पहचान बनाने में कामयाब हुई है।


बतादें कि अलिसा खान गाजियाबाद शहर  के संस्थापक  गाज़ीउद्दीन की परपोती है। बॉलीवुड में बतौर अभिनेत्री के साथ साथ एस्ट्रोलॉजर के रूप में भी काफी फेमस है।

वह  साउथ की भी कई फिल्मों के अलावा 12 म्यूजिक वीडियो में भी काम कर चुकी हैं ।

HEMA SHARMA Actress Exclusive Interview With Journalist JYOTHI VENKATESH...

“I would be ready to act in kissing and other bold scenes in films in the hands of a competent director who shoots the scenes aesthetically without resorting vulgarity or sleaze”———HEMA SHARMA tells JYOTHI VENKATESH

The sprightly and lissome actress Hema Sharma, whose real name is Hemlata Sharma hails from Muradnagar (Ghaziabad) U. P. After her graduation, Hema was always determined and extremely keen to work in the film industry. Having embarked on her journey as an actress, in the year 2015, with the film Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se.Hema Sharma is glad that she is a part of this industry and still continues. Hema, who is grateful to actor Govinda for having encouraged her to become an actress, is confident that she is poised for a long career in films.

Here Hema Sharma answers a few questions 

Can you name some of your favorite actors in Bollywood?

I have a very strong connection with Salmanji, which was proved In Dabanng 3, though I was visible in the film in the opening scene only.  

And who are your favorite actresses in Bollywood?

I like Vidyaji. I feel that undoubtedly she has always had a special kind of magic in every performance of hers, whether it was in Kahaani or for that matter The Dirty Picture. I also hope that I too am able to weave in the same kind of magic, with not only my acting talent but also my dancing skills and am still awaiting an offer to prove that I have it in me.    

What is your view on the current coronaVirus and the COVID 19 epidemic that has created havoc in social life all over the world?

This epidemic corona Virus has changed the entire yug and ended up converting it into Satyug. Everybody today is living his or her life. Nowadays people are content watching epics like Ramayana and Mahabharat. I have not at all faced a situation as sordid as this before in my life.    

What has this phase taught you as a human being?

This phase has taught me as well as many others that we should not plan too much for our future, for the simple reason that frankly, it’s not in our hands. Now we have learned from everyone else in the world from every corner and learnt to always pray to God to please save us.  

To what extent, do you think that practicing yoga every day is a must for health?

These days, ever since the epidemic set in throwing all our schedules haywire, I have been compelled to take up online yoga classes. It’s very good not only for one’s health but also for one’s brain too, as you end up automatically getting a positive attitude.  


Is make-up a must to enhance a girl’s beauty?

I’d say any day that beauty is in your skin only. I don’t believe in ‘fake’ or artificial ‘padded’ beauty or for that matter even cosmetic beauty.  

How ready are you to act in web series which require a lot of exposure in terms of skin show and explicit nudity?

I am eagerly waiting to be part of a good web series. But the only hitch is that I want to do good work without explicit nudity and unabashed skin show.

Are you in favor of kissing in films as well as web series?

Kissing and bold scenes are playing a major role nowadays in not only films but also in web series. I would be ready to act in them provided I am sure that I am actually in the hands of a competent director who knows how to shoot the scenes aesthetically without resorting to vulgarity or sleaze. It all is completely dependent on the director.

Assamese Actress Aimee Baruah’s Film SEMKHOR Bags Tagore International Film Festival Awards...

Semkhor, the first-ever Dimasa language film directed by Aimee Baruah renowned actress of Assam has won the Tagore International Film Festival award (TIFF).Tagore International FilmFestival has awarded Semkhor the outstanding achievement award in threecategories namely in the Debut Filmmaker category, the Woman’s Film categoryand the Narrative Feature category the results of which were announced on Thursday.

Semkhor a Dimasa language filmbased on a Dimasa story and shot in Dima Hasao made by Aimee Baruah renowned actress of Assam is incidentally the first film that has been directed by actress Aimee Baruah.Aimee has worked at least intwenty-five feature films to date.

It is pertinent to mention that Aimee’s films “JetukaPator Dore” and “Kodomtole Krishna Nache” has succeeded toreceive National Awards, while the film “Paani” won International acclamations.“Semkhor, the award winning Dimasa language film portrays the customs, rituals, and folk beliefs of thepeople of Semkhor, the Semsa tribe that keep themselves away frommodernization, and remain disconnected from the outside world.

The film is also towards an attempt to promote the Dimasa language. The film engages with theissue of woman’s social position and the belief that men and women should workhand in hand in society which Aimee wanted to express it through her film. “The issues raised in the filmis on woman’s identity which has been expressed through my film” said Aimee.Worth mentioning is that Aimee Baruah has been acting in films since her childhood.

Her acting career beganwhen she was a student of class six, and she acted as a heroine at the age of14, when she was in class nine.

Rahul Boss And Karnika Mandal Starrer Sanam Mere Sanam Romantic Song Released on Ultra Cinema...

O Sanam Mere Sanam  New Video Song  is a musical  video album lavishly produced by  Soft Touch Entertainment and deftly directed by Vijay Singh Pal and nicely  Choreographed By Anis Khan. The song was well picturised at lovely location Of Igatpuri. The Song  will be released very soon on popular music channel.

This song will be appreciated by young generation for its lyrics, music and above all for lovely  charming pair of  Rahul Boss & Karnika Mandal. This pair has the distinction of doing many Albums,  Films & Webseries together. Rahul Boss & Karnika Mandal’s  eagerly awaited films and albums include Shubratri, Waqt Tham Sa Gaya Hai  and many more.

O Sanam Mere Sanam cast N credit includes Dop Manoj C.  Kumar, Lyrics, Music & Singer Harsh Sharma

Listen to this New Romantic Love Song “”Sanam Mere Sanam”” that will definitely stay with you for a long time and won’t fade away from memories.


Actress Ankita Chouhan Is All Set To Make Her Bollywood Debut Through BA Pass 3...

Model and Actress Ankita Chouhan is all set to make her Bollywood debut through upcoming movie BA Pass 3. The film is produced and directed by Narendra Singh. It is penned by Deep Chugh and Narendra Singh and shot by ace cinematographer Anmol Dhiman. The music is composed by Altaaf-Manny and stars Sunny Sachdeva, Ankita Chouhan, Armaan Sandhu, in the pivotal roles.The film revolves around those unwanted relationships, which are made, and then they are punished as well. BA Pass 3 narrates the story of a jobless Anshul and how his life changes upside down when he meets a married woman and gets into a relationship with her.

While talking to media Ankita chouhan said, “BA Pass 3 is my debut film and I am super excited for the film. BA Pass is already a big franchise  and I hope that everybody will love my work”.

Ankita Chouhan had worked in a music album, short film the return gift for ping pong channel and web series the death warrant for mx player is going to release soon.