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Gulzaar Chhaniwala’s Latest Single NO ONE KNOWS From The House Of VRYL Haryanvi...

Haryanvi singer, lyricist, music producer, actor & director Gulzaar Chhaniwala’s new song titled “No One Knows” from the house of VRYL Haryanvi has garnered over 9 lakh views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.  Comments like- ‘Again Gulzaar proves that no one can beat him’, ‘Gulzaar is the backbone of Haryanvi industry’, ‘Proud to be fan of Gulzaar Channiwala’ have flooded the comment section of YouTube.

Seen in a folk look of a gangster, the plot of the song revolves around the protagonist (Gulzaar Chhaniwala) taking revenge for a girl who was mistreated by a group of goons. But, with the iconic Gulzaar, the story is never as simple as that, in his quintessential swag he avenges the girl & punishes the culprit.

Gulzaar Chhaniwala is one among the great names that always come into sight while talking about the Haryanvi industry. We all got introduced to this bundle of talent through his chartbuster tracks- Filter Shot, Dole Laadle, Dada Pota, Chain Sone Ki, to name a few, are some of his most popular songs. His song” Faad Faad” released in august 2018 accumulated 70+ million views on YouTube. On Jul 21, 2020, he came out with the song” Farmer” in the support of farmer and Army life, and the song received over 25+ million views.

Talking about his inspiration for the song, he says “With each song my motive is to highlight certain issues. With No One Knows I have tried to bring light upon the issue of women safety, I only hope that this song starts conversations how a woman’s safety is everyone’s responsibility”

Gulzaar Chhaniwala’s latest single  NO ONE KNOWS from the house of VRYL Haryanvi

Aaria K’s New Song TERI HEER Going Viral Now Featuring Aaria K And Sushant Pujari (ABCD Fame)...

“Teri Heer” in which Aaria k has been featuring With Bollywood Actor & Performer Sushant Pujari, and she is making everyone heart rolling into love on YouTube. Her song determines the immortality of love and Loyalty between the couples. Her Previous songs are already been crossed Million views on YouTube Channel Seven Unique Records,

Seven Unique Films Pvt. Ltd. has brought this song to the world and Sushant Pujari has put cherry on the Cake to this song by featuring in the song and Paraag Chaudhary & Prayas Choudhary, has Directed this beautiful Video,  Music is given by gaurav and Sandeep, Sung by Sandeep Jaiswal.

Written by Sanjeev Shrivastava This is Romantically Sad Love Songs which express feelings of one individual to other . Music  video is beautifully done and Both Aaria & Sushant have performed extremely well people will definitely love their performance in This song .

Aaria K is equipped with 440K+ followers, she is a Indian film actress, model artist, theatre artist, YouTuber, Influencer, Model, and Fashion Blogger, etc. Love by people towards Aaria K has made her song superhit too soon as she is ruling over many people’s heart with her amazing acting. The Blasting reactions of people to her song shows that she never disappoints her fans.  she is ambitious and hardworking. Moreover, her charismatic personality have been seen in films and video songs…

VIP Guests

Sidharth Kashyap SK Music

Shakeel Azami Famous Bollywood Lyrics Writer

Sadashiv Joshi Performed As Doctor in music video

Panchhi Jalonvi Owner of Music Company Audio Curry

Rajeev Sinha Director Monkeys At Work

Sanjeev Tyagi Famous

Writer & Director

Rajesh Sharma

This  beautiful  event  was supported  and  managed  by Dreambirds Entertainment Sunny Agarwal …..


Aaria K’s New Song TERI HEER  Going Viral Now Featuring  Aaria K And Sushant Pujari (ABCD Fame)

बॉलीवुड डायरेक्टर आजाद हुसैन का म्युज़िक वीडियो “किल करदी” आया ट्रेंडिंग में, रॉबिन कृष्णा सिंह के अभिनय का चला जादू...

बॉलीवुड के विख्यात डायरेक्टर आजाद हुसैन के निर्देशन में बना एलबम “किल करदी” रिलीज होते ही पॉपुलर हो गया है। म्यूजिक फॉर यू के ऑफिशियल चैनल पर रिलीज सांग में एक्टर राबिन कृष्णा सिंह और भिंशु वर्मा नजर आ रहे हैं।

इमेज प्रोडक्शन एवं म्यूजिक फॉर यू कम्पनी के बैनर तले म्यूजिक एलबम किल करदी के सिंगर और म्यूजिक डायरेक्टर विक्रमजीत रांझा, गीतकार निरंजन गिल हैं।

डायरेक्टर आज़ाद हुसैन ने कहा कि किल करदी का विडियो सांग म्युज़िक फ़ॉर यू के ऑफिशियल चैनल पर धमाल मचा रहा है। यह म्युज़िक वीडियो काफी भव्य रूप से शूट किया गया है।

निर्देशक आजाद हुसैन ने बताया कि इस वीडियो में बड़ी आकर्षक लोकेशन है और बहुत टैलेंटेड आर्टिस्ट्स ने अभिनय किया है। गाने का कॉन्सेप्ट और डांस लोगों को पसन्द आ रहा है।

एक्टर रॉबिन कृष्णा सिंह फिल्मी बैकग्राउंड से नहीं हैं, वह दूसरे प्रोफेशन में हैं मगर उनके अभिनय को इस वीडियो में काफी लाइक किया जा रहा है।

डायरेक्टर आजाद हुसैन का इस अल्बम के बाद कुछ और प्रोजेक्ट पर काम चल रहा है, उनके कुछ म्युज़िक वीडियो जल्द आने वाले हैं।


बॉलीवुड डायरेक्टर आजाद हुसैन का म्युज़िक वीडियो “किल करदी” आया ट्रेंडिंग में, रॉबिन कृष्णा सिंह के अभिनय का चला जादू


PALKEIN Song Is Decorated With Melodious Music By Nayaab Ali Khan Son Of Well-Known Musician Ghulam Ali...

PALKEIN reminiscent of the 90s Mumbai. Every company brings a new song in the festive season. So Zee Music Company also released a new song Palkein. This song is sung by Srijit in a sultry melodious voice. While this song reminded me of 90’s melody, Srijit’s voice reminisced Kumar Sanu.

The PALKEIN are decorated with melodious music by Nayaab Ali Khan, son of well-known musician Ghulam Ali. The romantic lyrics of the song are penned by Naveen Neer, who is giving peace to Ashiko, who is in love with love, every person who is in love will feel like his own. Sahil Akhtar Khan and Shweta Dubey are seen in the video of this song, who despite being new, have done a great job and have managed to feel fresh. This video has been directed by Nayaab G,but has been decorated with his choreography by Vikram Borade.

Vikram is the son of Jai Borade, who has worked as a choreographer in many hit films including the successful films like Maine Pyar Kiya, who has choreographed videos for many star singers in the past as well. Many films are also on his release. This song is getting good love and is getting one lakh views on the first day itself. The  release party of this song was held at Classic Raheja Club located in Andheri West. Where many well-known faces of the industry including actor-comedian Sunil Pal participated.

Everyone congratulated Nayaab  and his entire team. On this occasion everyone shared experiences related to this song. The music director of this song, Nayaab and producer Sargam thanked Zee Music and said that we will continue to make albums with Zee in future also.The event was anchored by Priyanjali Thakur.

PALKEIN Song Eyelashes Reminiscent Of The 90s Mumbai

Song Lambiyan Lambiyan Raataan Composed By Sandesh Shandilya Sung By Shradha Mishra – Shagun Sodhi – Swaroop Khan And Writen By Shakeel Azmi Releases – Music Label Sandesh Shandilya Studios...

Sandesh Shandilya who is an Indian film composer, musician, and singer in Bollywood with over 2 decades of drastic experience, mostly known for Albums like Piya Basanti, Pyaar Ke Geet, Ustad and the Divas and films like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, Chameli, Road, Jab We Met, Shikara, Socha Na Tha and many more , has many achievements to his credits including special felicitation by IIFA Awards in Best Music Composer Category.

His recently launched music company  Sandesh Sandhilya Studios releases an extremely heart melting romantic song Lambiyan Lambiyan Raataan that released on 12th Sept 2022. Which is likely to be in news for talents like Shradha Mishra, Shagun Sodhi & Swaroop Khan’s wonderful voice backed by the experience and mentorship of Sandesh Shandilya and his team. In the press conference and Media interactions they communicated that the music company itself is formulated with an intention and vision to promote young and fresh talent and to explore New Singers, Musicians & Lyricists for the entertainment industry and nurture them.

On Speaking with Sandesh Sandhilya he says he is very excited and geared up to release many more Soulful songs , he hopes like his past ventures he will get tremendous response in this too.

Sandesh Shandilya Studios releases song Lambiyan Lambiyan Raataan trends on Instagram & Twitter.

Glamorous actress Sangeeta Tiwari’s Dhamaal item song BOLLYWOOD is trending as soon as it was released from S T series...

Apart from films, Bollywood actress Sangeeta Tiwari is also in the news due to her Dhamaal music videos. Nowadays her new item song “Bollywood” is making headlines, which is trending on social media as soon as it is released. The song released from S T Series is getting lakhs of views, likes and is being shared a lot. Very cute lovely comments of the audience are also coming on this song.

This song is being called “Item Song of the Year”. Shot on the dance floor, this song is a terrific item song featuring Sangeeta Tiwari.

This dhamaal song of Sangeeta Tiwari has been shot on a large scale. Sangeeta Tiwari has danced fiercely in this song and is making the audience crazy with her performances. Her costume, make-up, hair styling is amazing and she looks like a Bollywood diva on screen. The song is being loved by music lovers, Sangeeta Tiwari fans and audience.

Singer Ritu Pathak, who became famous for songs like Jalebi Bai, has given voice to this song while the composer and lyricist is Laxminarayan. Video director is Rajeev S Ruia, choreographer is Dev Thape. Aman Kumar is seen with Sangeeta Tiwari in the video.

Significantly, Sangeeta Tiwari has worked with stars in many Bhojpuri films including Hindi movies. Her look, dance and style captivate the mind and soul of the audience. She will soon be seen in many films as well.

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Glamorous actress Sangeeta Tiwari’s Dhamaal item song “Bollywood” is trending as soon as it was released from S T series