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Monu Singh, is a ‘visioner’ with humungous potential and management skills. He is the CEO at Saras Techno R Vision Pvt. Ltd....

The twin qualities that define Monu Singh are his history with exceptional performance as Production Manager and his foresight towards Business Development. His Journey in VFX started in the year 2007 and since that he has not looked back.

He has the vision and the passion to bring his vision to reality.

With a profound knowledge of production and having a deep insight of creativity he has been the Business head on several films like PINK, Days of Tafree, Safalta Zero Kilometre and web series such as Special Ops on Hotstar, Serious Men on Netflix, 7 Days Without You on Zee 5 and many more.

And now, he is debuting as a producer in collaboration with Buzzflix to bring a mega web series soon.

Stay tuned and be ready to experience a roller-coaster ride filled with thrill and suspense.

Monu Singh, is a ‘visioner’ with humungous potential and management skills. He is the CEO at Saras Techno R Vision Pvt. Ltd.

Immigration Officer Major Matar Aids Distraught Indian Family in the UAE...

Not all heroes wear capes- in fact, they can even be a law enforcement official. This gentleman in question is immigration officer, Major Mohammed Ahmed Matar, who made it his mission to help a distraught Indian Expat’s family in the UAE even after his duty hours.

The Indian family had faced an emergency when the expat, his wife and child were travelling to India to visit the wife’s grandmother, who was in critical condition.

“We were rushing to the airport,” the expat stated. “All was going smooth during our check-in at Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) airport. But when we proceeded to the Immigration counter, we never expected the scenario that came in front of us.” The immigration officer at the desk explained the expat that his child’s visa had already expired, however, the expat believed that it was valid until the next year. This mishap resulted in the immigration team advising the distressed family to visit the Dubai office to sort the issue, and that they could not board the flight until the issue was resolved. However, the family did not believe that they could travel to Dubai and get back in time to RAK to board their flight.

As a last resort, the family travelled to Dubai to sort the issue. “When we reached the Al Tawar Office, the receptionist asked us to visit the main branch instead to solve the issue. Being absolutely exhausted from the day’s events, I requested her to help us in some way.” The family were then directed to a gentleman who was finishing his duties.

It was then that the patriarch explained his issue to Major Ahmed Matar, who actively listened to the man’s woes. “He went back to his office and came back out after a few hours, telling me that it would be solved, and that I could fly back home in the next 24 hours”, the expat stated. The family was relieved, but money was also an issue, given that the family of 3 they were not able to get a refund for their last flight.

“Now the issue was the money to buy tickets for all three of us to travel. As I was leaving the office, Major Matar pulled out his wallet and gave me enough cash to travel back home,” the expat said. “He is a real hero whom we cannot forget. He went beyond his duty hours to help us and discuss the issue personally.”

This scenario displays yet another heroic deed by the UAE’s exemplary government officials, who are the unsung heroes of the nation. The UAE continues to help expats all over the country, with an approach that is characterised by kindness, respect, and tolerance.

As a result, we request the public to contact us in case they know of Major Matar’s whereabouts or how to get in touch with him in order to appreciate his altruistic gestures.

Immigration Officer Major Matar Aids Distraught Indian Family in the UAE

HDB Financial Services addresses malnutrition in the urban slums of Ahmedabad...

Ahmedabad, 03 March 2022: HDB Financial Services (HDBFS), in collaboration with CHETNA, has initiated Project SNEHA, to address and prevent the cases of malnutrition in eleven slum areas of Vasna ward, in Ahmedabad.

Project SNEHA facilitates pregnant women, lactating mothers and children under five years of age to adopt a healthy diet that is affordable, locally-available and easy to prepare. Project SNEHA has so far positively impacted lives of nearly 6500 women and children.

Through a series of group-based awareness sessions and one-on-one counselling, mothers of undernourished children are encouraged to prepare dietary charts. To ensure that desirable health and nutrition indicators are achieved, mothers and ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers track a child’s consumption pattern, height, weight and haemoglobin-level on a monthly basis.

Project SNEHA also focuses extensively on improving maternal healthcare. Sessions on breast feeding, complementary feeding, immunization and post-natal care are conducted regularly. Additionally, family planning / birth spacing methods are promoted among adolescents, newly-weds, and those in the reproductive age group.

Commenting on the initiative Ms. Shirley Thomas, National Head – Human Resources, HDBFS said,“Healthy nutritional programming is critical to holistic development of new-born babies. Poor intake of nutrition by mother and her child in the first 1000 days can cause irreversible damage to a child’s early development. Project SNEHA has touched the lives of over 6500 families through its continuum of care approach that focuses on reproductive health, maternal care and early child development.”

Ms Pallavi Patel, Director CHETNA, said, – “Rapid urbanisation demands urgent action to address the health and nutrition needs of the vulnerable communities. Project SNEHA, with the financial support from HDBFS, has provided us an opportunity to be one of the pioneers to address these needs. The project systematically involves the community as a whole by creating mass awareness about maternal, child and adolescent health and nutrition, and has brought a significant change in the health and nutrition indicators. We are thankful to the HDBFS to make our vision and dream to improve the urban health scenario come true.”

Project SNEHA has resulted in substantial increase in intake of iron-folic acid (IFA) supplements by pregnant women, preference of institutional deliveries over child-birth at home, and adopting breastfeeding practices. With consistent efforts and monitoring of dietary intake, nutritional level of acutely and moderately malnourished children in the slums has shown a positive improvement.

HDB Financial Services addresses malnutrition in the urban slums of Ahmedabad

दर्शकों के सामने जल्द होगी भोजपुरी फिल्म गैंग्स ऑफ गंवार...

अमित कुमार सराफ के निर्देशन में बनी भोजपुरी फिल्म गैंग्स आॅफ गंवार जल्द ही दर्शकों के सामने होगी। फिल्म गैंग्स ऑफ  गंवार जीवन में आगे बढ़ने, सम्मान पाने और कभी हार न मानने की सीख देती है। फिल्म को एक रीफ्रेशिंग स्टोरी के साथ दर्शकों के सामने परोसा जारहा है जो आपको काफी पसंद आएगी। माँ कामाख्या फिल्म्स प्रस्तुत भोजपुरी फिल्म गैंग्स आॅफ गंवार का निर्माण निर्माता गणेश प्रसाद ने किया है जबकि कहानी और निर्देशक अमित सर्राफ का है।

इस फिल्म के लेखक शमशेर सेन,म्यूजिक  सावन कुमार,गीतकार-अजित मंडल सावन कुमार सुमित चंद्रवंशी,कैमरा विवेक बी यादव,फाइट राजकुमार श्री,डांस रिकी जैक्सन,आर्ट रोशन सिंह,मेक अप प्रकाश सोनी, गुड्डू गोल्डन,प्रोडक्शन चंद्रकांत सिंह,एसोसिएट एंड असिस्टेंट सुनील पाडेय , वैभव मिश्रा,नीतीश राज हैं जबकि ड्रेस डिजाईनर राकेश सिंह हैं। इस फिल्म को लेकर निर्माता गणेश प्रसाद कहते हैं उनकी फिल्म गैंग्स आॅफ गंवार बहुत ही साफ सुथरी और पारिवारिक फिल्म है।

इस फिल्म की एक और खाश बात यह है कि यह फिल्म लोगों की उम्मीद पर अपनी पकड़ बनाए रखेगी। फिल्म के निर्देशक अमित सराफ कहते हैं भोजपुरी फिल्म गैंग्स ऑफ  गंवार एक्शन थ्रिलर फिल्म है, जिसके मुख्य किरदार ग्रे शेड लिये हैं। इस फिल्म के मुख्य कलाकार हैं सद्दाम हुसैन, माही खान, रागिनी चौरसिया, अभिषेक लाल यादव,प्राणकमल, श्रीजना अधिकारी, जाकिर हुसैन,मुकेश लाल यादव, सुधाकर मिश्रा और  नरू रायसैली आदि।


Bhojpuri film Gangs of Ganvar will soon be in front of the audience

Games24x7 ropes in Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador of RummyCircle...

~ Celebrating the skill and passion of every online gaming enthusiast, the actor will feature in the new campaign #RahoEkKadamAage ~

India, January 28th, 2022: Games24x7 announced Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador for India’s largest online skill gaming platform, RummyCircle. As part of the partnership, Hrithik will be seen in multimedia campaigns by RummyCircle, spanning across TV, digital and social media platforms.

Announcing the association, Bhavin Pandya, Co-Founder and CEO of Games24x7 said, “We are very excited to partner with Hrithik, one of India’s biggest stars. Hrithik has had a remarkable career which is an epitome of versatility as he makes the right moves at the right time. His dynamism, talent and widespread appeal have made him really stand out. This resonates well with Games24x7 as we are constantly differentiating ourselves by providing awesome game playing experiences.”

Speaking on his engagement, Hrithik Roshan said, “Rummy is a game of skill that requires intellectual acumen, patience, and tact. What I like is that these are the same skills that you need, to overcome the challenges at various points in life. So, in a way, the game is a fun way to build life skills. This campaign highlights that whenever one encounters unexpected difficulties in life, they can overcome it with the right approach. I am happy to be associated with RummyCircle and Games24x7 for this splendid campaign.”

Initiating the association, the brand will be unveiling the new campaign #RahoEkKadamAage starring Hrithik via a high decibel television commercial starting 29th January. The campaign highlights real life scenarios where Hrithik Roshan demonstrates mental dexterity to find a way out of unforeseen situations.

Since its launch in 2009, the online skill gaming platform has partnered with talented personalities to further strengthen its engagement with millions of players across the country. RummyCircle is India’s largest online skill gaming platform for playing the nation’s favourite card game: Rummy. With free to play tournaments as well as cash prizes on offer, RummyCircle provides an opportunity for players to test their skills and adroitness. Excellent UI/UX, customized player journeys and superior technology make RummyCircle an unparalleled destination for players seeking thrill, fun and entertainment.

About Games24x7

Games24x7 is India headquartered online gaming company with a portfolio that spans skill games (RummyCircle, My11Circle, Carrom) and casual games (U-Games). It was founded by New York University trained economists Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman Thampy in 2006.  Backed by marquee investors including Tiger Global and The Raine Group, the company specializes in using behavioural science, technology, and artificial intelligence to provide awesome game playing experiences across all its platforms. Games24x7 operates RummyCircle, the largest online rummy platform in India, and My11Circle, one of country’s top fantasy sports platforms. The company has also set up a casual games’ studio, Ultimate Games, to launch new games for the global market. The diverse, talented, and passionate Games24x7 team is spread across three continents with offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Kiev, Philadelphia, and Miami.

For more information, please visit:

Games24x7 ropes in Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador of RummyCircle

पवन सिंह, निधि झा की फ़िल्म प्यारी चांदनी का धमाकेदार ट्रेलर वर्ल्डवाइड रिकॉर्डस से रिलीज होते ही मचा रहा बवाल...

भोजपुरी फिल्मों के पावर स्टार और रेकॉर्ड मशीन पवन सिंह और लूलिया गर्ल निधि झा की फ़िल्म प्यारी चांदनी का धमाकेदार ट्रेलर वर्ल्डवाइड रिकॉर्डस से रिलीज होते ही बवाल मचा रहा है। इन दोनों की जोड़ी को लाखों दर्शक पसन्द करते हैं. पवन सिंह के साथ निधि झा ने इसमे गजब डांस किया है और दोनों की केमिस्ट्री लाजवाब है। फ़िल्म का ट्रेलर एक्शन, रोमांस, रोमांच, विरह, वेदना और म्यूज़िक से भरपूर है।

पवन सिंह और निधि झा स्टारर फिल्म ‘प्यारी चांदनी’ के ट्रेलर को देखकर अनुमान लगाया जा सकता है कि फिल्म ब्लॉकबस्टर होनेवाली है. दर्शक इस फिल्म का इन्तेजार कर रहे हैं. फिल्म जल्द ही सिनेमा के पर्दे पर दिखाई जाएगी।     2+36*-

बता दें कि पवन सिंह और निधि झा की यह फिल्म एक फैमिली फिल्म है परन्तु इसमें रोमांस के साथ खतरनाक एक्शन भी है. इस फिल्म के प्रोड्यूसर पवन सिंह हैं. जबकि इसका लेखन और निर्देशन चंद्र भूषण मणि जी ने किया है.

वर्ल्डवाइड रिकॉर्ड्स भोजपुरी के यूट्यूब चैनल से रिलीज ट्रेलर को कुछ घंटों में लाखों व्यूज मिल रहे हैं.

मां अम्माँ फ़िल्मस के बैनर तले बनी पवन सिंह और निधि झा स्टारर फिल्म ‘प्यारी चांदनी’ की कहानी चंद्र भूषण मणि जी ने लिखी है. जबकि फिल्म का संगीत छोटे बाबा ने दिया है. फिल्म के एक्शन डायरेक्टर हीरा यादव है. इस फिल्म के गानों की कोरियोग्राफी संजय कोर्बे ने की है. डीओपी देवेंद्र तिवारी हैं।

इस फिल्म में पवन सिंह, निधि झा के अलावा मंटू सिंह, दीपक सिन्हा, अयान सिंह, बीणा पांडे अहम कलाकार हैं.


Pawan Singh – Nidhi Jha’s film Pyari Chandni  Trailer created a ruckus as soon as it was released from Worldwide Records