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Maya Singh Fashion photographer made her mark by fighting every storm and challenge...

Every person has his own hopes and dreams. To make his dream come true, he moves towards the destination, it is not so easy to reach the destination easily, some return after giving up and some remain firm with their passion and achieve their success. Even though the paths are different, she does not give up like an ant, after falling again and again, reaches the mountain one day. She is a bold beautiful girl with such a passionate flair for her work, who has made her mark by fighting every storm and challenge.

Maya Singh, a cultured and dhakad girl from a Rajput family from Udaipur, is extremely hardworking and has absolute devotion to her work. She made her challenge her work. Maya is a fashion photographer by profession. In the present time, her photography is amazing in the world of Bollywood and fashion. At present, girls are moving ahead in every field, it is everyone’s dream to step into the world of modeling or acting, but a girl takes the reins of photography or direction, it shows her creativity and fearlessness. Fashion photographer Maya Singh also has an exciting story behind her becoming a photographer, this story tells of her self-respect, spiritual courage and passion. Maya had also come to Mumbai to make her mark in the acting and singing world, but soon she became aware of the reality of the film industry. Maya loves her self-esteem very much, she is an outspoken, bold and cultured person. She didn’t like some things in the industry. At the same time, a personal friend of his used to do photography work. Seeing her work, she requested that she also wants to take some pictures with the camera, on which her friend sarcastically said that this work is not for the girls, Maya did not like this thing. Maya was determined and took out the picture from the same camera and showed it to her friend. Seeing the picture, her friend was also impressed by her creativity, just from that day Maya achieved her position in the world of photography with her creativity. She does her work with utmost passion and dedication. She did not take special education in photography but has mastered this work from his experiences. She has been doing this work continuously for eleven years.

Sunny Leone, Amrita Rao, Gauahar Khan, Zareen Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Indra Kumar, Sana Khan, Pearl V Puri, Adah Sharma, she has taken many modeling, film and TV world artists on her camera.

Photographer’s work is out of league work but in this too Maya Singh has won. She tells the model herself which angle, which pose, which direction or how she has to be in makeup. Knows every nuance related to photography and also teaches new photographers.

Maya has a special attachment to her mother, she considers her mother as the idol of her life. Of course, like everyone else, there were ups and downs in his life, but he did not give up. For this work, she has been honored by many awards such as the Dadasaheb Phalke Nari Shakti Puraskar twice. Till date, his interview has also come on many big channels like Zoom etc. To increase her creativity, she is soon coming to the field of direction.

Maya Singh is an attractive personality in appearance, she specializes in singing, dancing, cooking as well as many creativity, which will soon be seen by people.

Maya says that one should never give up, especially women. Women are progressing in every field and will continue to grow. A woman performs the responsibility of working woman, housewife and mother better. Along with home, she can achieve her high position in the outside world as well, for this she never needs to bow down. If a woman is determined, she can do anything. She has to be independent, not dependent on others. A woman has to become Lakshmi Bai, she has to fight her fear first, not before others. Because woman is mother, woman is power, woman is life.


Maya Singh Fashion photographer made her mark by fighting every storm and challenge

Producer singer Lalit Agarwal Enters Film Industry With Album RADHE RADHE...

Recently, the music company Z Series of Lalit Agarwal, a famous businessman and now singer producer, was released at Mumbai, Karmveer Kreda kendra and his debut album “Radhe Radhe, Many people gathered to congratulate him on this occasion.

Lalit Agarwal, a resident of Raipur, started his business with transport business and then tried his hand in the plywood and steel business and today his company Pankaj Group of Companies and Sagar TMT is no need of introduction.

Songs in “Radhe Radhe” dedicated to Lord Krishna , it has music and lyrics by k.R Wahi’s, dance by Pappu Khanna, concept by Rupali Rawat, and directed by Yatindra Rawat.  Yogendra Srivastava is the executive producer of this. The album is produced and sung by Lalit Agarwal. Speaking on this occasion, famous music director Dilip Sen said that he had planted a small plant 1 years ago .Today there is a flower feeding in him, there is a puff in the voice of Lalit Ji. The same famous filmmaker Vimal Kumar said that Lalit Ji’s arrival in the film industry will feed home to hundreds of families.  Producer singer Lalit Agarwal said that “singing is his first love as well as singing and singing gives him a strange feeling.

Seema Kapoor, Ali Khan, Sunil Pal, Mohan Nadar, Mohammad Salamat, Shabab Sabri, Shahid Mallya, Arvind Kumar, Ravi Jain, Aarti Nagpal , Indanee Talukdar, Ankita Nadan, Hafija Bakshi, Ayush Raina, Arvind Chaudhary,   Suhail Zaidi, Chanakya Chatterjeei,Amar Upadhyay, gb successfully conducted by singer and actress Anuja Sahay. On this occasion, the famous songwriter Nawab Arzoo told about Lalit Ji and his singing.

Lalit Agarwal Releases album RADHE RADHE Produced and sung By Himself

WEE – Women Entreprenuers Enclave – We Are Strongest When We Cheer Each Other…. Wee Grow Together...

WEE – Women Entreprenuers Enclave – We Are Strongest When We Cheer Each Other…. Wee Grow Together

Radhika Apte to star in Medium Spicy? video leaked!...

Currently, there is a lot of talk about the Marathi movie ‘Medium Spicy’.  The film starring Lalit Prabhakar, Sai Tamhankar and Parna Pethe is now again in the spotlight, due to a leaked scene in the film!  And what is special is that in this scene, we see Radhika Apte.

The scene goes thus.   Lalit and Radhika are sitting and chatting in a hotel. What happened next, we truly have no idea!

However, Radhika is actually going to act in a Marathi film once again after eight years.  A little bird tells us that it is because film’s director Mohit Takalkar, a wellknown playwright and Radhika have previously worked together in Marathi plays.  And this looks exciting for Radhika Apte fans.

For the uninitiated, Mohit Takalkar is making his directorial debut in Marathi cinema with  “Medium Spicy” produced by   Vidhi Kasliwal, a serious player in Marathi cinema. Presented by Landmarc Films, written by Irawati Karnik, the long-awaited Medium Spicy which talks about balancing things to find a middle ground in life will be finally released all over Maharashtra on this Friday, 17th June.

Radhika Apte to star in Medium Spicy? video leaked!

Bharat Gaurav Samman for Sandip Soparrkar at House of Lords London...

Well known personalities from all over the world working in different fields like education, health, industry, IT etc, were honoured with “Bharat Gaurav Samman” for the year 2022 at a grand ceremony held at The House of Lords, London, UK.

Bollywood ace dancer-choreographer and guru Sandip Soparrkar who has been tirelessly working for the betterment of the society through his worldwide initiative “Dance for a Cause” was bestowed with the prestigious “Bharat Gaurav Samman” by the hands of Honourable The Lord Loomba, Commander of British Empire (CBE) for his contribution in the field of Ballroom Dance.

While talking to media Sandip Soparrkar Said, “I am overwhelmed with this honour, I am thankful to the honourable Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture Government of India Smt. Meenakashi Lekhi ji for considering him for this prestigious award.”

The award ceremony was a part of the grand celebration of the event “Bharat Mahotsav – Festival of One India” which  was organised by Confluence India and Incredible India celebrating 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Bharat Gaurav Samman for Sandip Soparrkar at House of Lords  London

SYNERGIZE Magzine launched by the trio Shobha Arya Renuka Bangard and Reema Bahl...

Shobha M Arya, founder and director of WOW Digital media and entertainments announced it’s first ever weekly fashion and lifestyle Magazine ‘SYNERGIZE’ in partnership with two of her best friends Prof Renuka Bangard and Reema Bahl.

Speaking at the grand launch event Ms Arya said, “What brought us all three together is our like mindedness and passion to create a diffrence. While  conversing as educationists we realised that the attention capacity of people is decreasing, be it watching television or reading books. Having realised that we came up with this new concept of weekly cover Magazine.”

She further added, “Synergize will allow the audience to focus only on one person per week with their entire life journey and various accomplishments and a personalized video interview which gives people a feeling of warmth and togetherness when you hear them.”

Synergize June 2022, week one got launched with dancer choreographer Sandip Soparrkar looking suave in Rajee Sabharwal design, shot by Deepak Somalkar.

Shobha added, “We decided to have Sandip on the inaugural cover because he has recently won two very prestigous international awards and also because he is the unmatched king of Latin and Ballroom dancing and has taken India to international shores through the his worldwide initiative Dance for a Cause. We at Synergize wanted to start our new journey with art so chose Sandip Soparrkar for the cover.”

Shobha Arya is  well known in the society for being a trend setter with different concepts and Synergize comes as one of them. The trio team of Synergize has one simple motto; Energize with Synergize where every life journey is an inspiration.