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Women were felicitated as Nari Shakti Sammaan and  Saraswati Bai Dada Saheb Phalke Award to the females of Film Industry chosen from the era of 60s Actress, Directors, Media, Journalism,  Writers, Singers.

Daljit- Organiser President IAWA

Chief Guest- Dr. Bharati Lavekar MLA Versova.

Guest of Honours-  IG Rathod, Harjit Talwar- Governor Rotary 2019, Sunil Mehra-  Governor 2020, Sanjay Bhide- Trans Chamber of Commerce

31st March, 2019 in Mumbai- “We celebrated women leaders who have become role models to many in their respective fields. The awardees were eminent women who have broken glass ceilings, have pushed the frontiers of women’s leadership and have paved the path for other women and girls to follow in their footsteps and become future leaders” says Daljit- Organiser President IAWA

The list of awardees included well known names like- Kalpana Saroj, Sulochana Tai- from era of 60s heroine, Anjana Mumtaz, Salma Agha, Preeti Sapru, Kavita Chaudhary, Archana Kocchar, Shantipriya, Saira Banu, Apoorva Bajaj, Madhushree, Malishka , Sumita Chakraborty, Priya Malik, Shabbina Khan, Parul Chawla, Keiko Nakahara,


From their stance and area of influence, they have shown that when a woman’s voice is heard, when she participates in decision making and when she exercises leadership, she most likely brings something unique, special and of high value and quality to key decisions and its impact on humankind’s biggest projects.

While Dadasaheb Phalke busy putting the blocks of Indian Cinema together, she stood by him like a rock & not just managed her family of nine children, held white bed sheets for hours in the blazing sun as a light reflector, mixed film developing chemicals, perforated the raw film sheets at night in the light of a candle & with sharing all these responsibilities of pre & post production & other technological & technical responsibilities with Dada Saheb, even single handedly cooked food for the entire film unit comprising of 60-70 to even 100 people.


Lakme Australia Fashion Show (LAFS) has been conceptualised conceived and created by ace designer Rose Dogra...

Lakme Australia Fashion Show (LAFS) has been conceptualised conceived and created by ace designer Rose Dogra, with a vision and purpose to ignite across Australia multicultural fashion fusion and the world redefining the fashion code.

Showcasing and giving platform to top designers and talent across the country and overseas.LAFS is gaining extreme popularity in Australia and the international scene following its successful Sydney show in July 2018.

In 2019 the demand brings the brand to Melbourne, the event and fashion capital of some biggest brands.

The value proposition and objectives @LAFS 2019 collaborating unique designs, showcasing international talent and leveraging the brands to its direct target market would be the key to all success at the LAFS 2019 night. Melbourne’s biggest brands, products and services will be all out to play on the biggest fashion platform of 2019.

For an exquisite show like LAFS, team has handpicked Peninsula of the Atlantic Group,Southbank which is inspired by London’s Tate Modern Museum and not to mention for the exclusive after party and dinner the team has chosen MAIA- Atlantic Group, Southbank which is pared back, rustic and striking.

This year LAFS will be studded with special appearances and performances by:

Bollywood Actress-Daisy Shah

Bollywood singer -Ali Quli Mirna

Bollywood Fashion Designer- Kirti Rathore

Also Australian celebrity -Dino Hira

There will be other performances by Local Australian talent and LAFS team is expecting a full house for the evening including audience, models, designers from all the communities because that’s what Australia is made of. LAFS has opened their arms for everyone including Plus size models as LAFS believes that you can’t put a size or number on talent.

It’s gonna be a gala night and Melbourne audience are super excited for this exclusive event. More than ten designers and over fifty models are expected to walk on the runway exactly how it happened in Sydney last year. It’s less than Two months to go!!

“Under Lakme Australia Fashion Show, we believe in quality than quantity, it’s going to be a very exclusive show with only limited number of attendees.”-Rose Dogra

Sriram Mantri Granth Dindi Yatra Spearheaded by Uma Rege Gurpreet Kaur Chaddha Was The Guest Of Honor...

‘Sriram Mantri Granth dindi Yatra’ Spearheaded by Uma Rege . Gurpreet Kaur chaddha attended as guest of honor .

The event was organized by the education department to inculcate good values and principles amongst the students.

Yash Gupta Presentation Virus Film & Entertainment Miss/MRS India Universe 2019 Finale Held In Mumbai...

Yash Gupta of Virus Film & Entertainment organised the finale of Virus Film & Entertainment Miss/MRS India Universe 2019 At Madh recently in Mumbai.

The bollywood and business celebrities attended this lovely event.

The show was well organised and was attended by well wishers media persons. The huge stage for ramp was the highlight of the show with special light effects with back LED screen made the event amazing.


The contestants came from all over India and showed their talent and got appreciation. The jury members had hard time to choose the winner because all the participants were excellent in all their tasks.

Below is the list of respected Jury members and winners and participants who had reached at finale after winning state level auditions.

Below is the list of respected Jury members and winners and participants who had reached at finale after winning state level auditions.

Jury Members:

Santodh Mishra – Film Director

Surendra Anugrah – Standup Comedian

Marry Sakia – (Designer Mayank Agarwal)

Ashwini Nikse – Kymestry Mrs. India 2018 Runner Up

Farah Khan – – Kymestry Mr. India 2018 Winner

Pragya Sharma

Uma Shankar  Tiwari

Miss India Universe 2019 Category

Rakhee Sharma (Rajasthan)

Winner of Virus Miss India Universe 2019 Finale 2019

Ist Runner Up

Dipali Rajput(Chandigarh)

2nd Runner Up

Honey Singh(Hyderabad)

3rd Runner Up

Miss Purnima (Assam)

Miss Violini Medhi – Best Catwalk (Assam)

Ms. Manashree Das (

Ms. Samita Borah (Assam) Miss Active

Teens India Universe 2019 Category

Kaushki Maheshwati (Assam)

Virus Teens Miss India Univers 2019

Mrs. India Universe 2019 Category


Roopal Mahto  – Virus Mrs. India Universe 2019

Ist Runner Up

Mrs. Dr. Shika Tiwari(Rajasthan)

2nd Runner Up

Mrs Sulachana Hirwani(Chattisgarh)

3rd Runner Up

Mrs. Anju Sahu  – Miss Beautiful Hair

Mrs. Morchana Hazarika (Assam) – Best Personality

Mrs. Lovelina Joseph (Nashik) _ Fashion Icon

Mrs. Dr. Sarika Mahesh Shah(Nagpur) – Mrs. Lifestyle

Mrs. Nisha Soni(Hyderabad) Mrs. Photogenic

Mrs Poonam Dubey (Chattisgarh) – Beautiful Smile

Mrs. Arita Shristava (Kota Rajasthan) – Mrs. Congeniality

Mrs Ankita Darvehkar (Nagpur) – Mrs. Ramp Walk

Mrs Amisha Pancholi (Gujarat)

Mrs. Shika Sahu (Chattisgarh) – Mrs Vivacious – Virus Mrs. India Univers Runnerup

Mrs. Khushboo Mittal – Virus Mrs. Universe MS. Active

Mrs Muskaan Raj (Bihar) – Mrs. Popular

Birthday Celebration of Director S P Nimbawat by Rakesh Sabharwal...

Producer, distributor Rakesh Sabharwal of Prince Movies, celebrated birthday of Film Director S P Nimbawat (Film Kabaddi fame), on 5th April 2019, at Cin City in Crystal Point, Andheri west.


Many actors, singers and music directors like Jiten Mukhi, Parveen Bhardwaj Kaashvi, Neha Aasha Dirkhipa, Amanda Sharma, Navin Ji from Indore, Padma Ji from Indore, Vebhv Jain also from Indore and many more.