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Shruti Shivaligaiah – Mrs. Pacific Island Universe 2018, A Technical Writer From INDIA...

She is a technical writer she is  from INDIA. By Tushaar Dhaliwal & Archana Tomer.

I am Shruthi Shivalingaiah, married since 14 years and blessed with a son, who is 11-year-old. Simple, Humble, Disciplined, Dedicated, Committed and above all, Resilient, these are few words that describe me. I juggle multiple roles – daughter, friend, wife, mother, and a technical writer in a well-known firm, and take every day at ease.


I don’t follow anyone. I believe it all begins in your own mind. I always challenge myself, and fight and compete with myself. Undaunted by challenges and what others may term “IMPOSSIBLE”, I keep trying to push my limits, and set small targets to achieve bigger goals. I love to workout  and sweat at gym I believe our body is a temple where the spirit abides and must be treated with care and respect. A regular fitness regime is the least we can do to invest in our overall well-being.

My hobbies are singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, sports. Also, as an habit, I spend quality time with family (God gifted family, charity homes, and special schools). I have taken responsibility of sponsoring for a girl child’s education at Rakhsana Charitable Trust. Above all, I believe simplicity is the core for good work. Let’s all join hands and do the best we can to create a hallmark in 2018.

Mrs Universe Ltd opens its arms to 88 contestants from around the world to compete for the much coveted title of Mrs Universe 2018...

It’s the time of the year when Mrs Universe  Ltd opens its arms to 88 contestants from around the world to compete for the much coveted title of Mrs Universe 2018. Bv The President of Mrs India Universe & Archerz Mrs India , Mrs Archana Tomar  along with its Founder Mr Tusshar Dhaliwal are looking forward to their title holders hailing from different countries who will be competing in the Finale between the 4th and 12th December 2018, in Cebu, Philippines.


Mrs India Universe , will have 2 representations –

Rumana Sinha Sehgal , ( Mrs North West Asia Universe 2018) – She is the CEO & Founder , Serendipity and a renowned achiever & Social Entrepreneur from INDIA

Anisha Safaya  ( Mrs South CentralAsia  Universe 2018)

She is the Vice President of Lloyd’s  Bank and a strategist from UK.

Archerz Mrs India will have 4 representations –

Kiran Sukhani ( Mrs .. South East Asia Universe 2018 )

She is a accomplished Nutritionist from Hong Kong.

Tanvi Gupta ( Mrs . South West Asia Universe 2018)

She is …….. from INDIA.

Shruti  Shivaligaiah ( Mrs  Pacific Island Universe 2018  )

She is a .technical writer she is  from INDIA.

Surbhi Wali ( Mrs Middle Asia Universe 2018 ….. ) She is a well known dancer and performer from UAE.

Having set the standards in pageantry high these women from across the world will be soon heading to the finale of Mrs Universe, carrying with them the motto of Women Empowerment.

Being Tusshar Dhaliwal – Mrs India Universe 2017 – Grand Crown Launch Celebration....

It was a great evening of 17th September 2017, when a great function was held where celebration of successful event of Crown Launching of “Mrs India Universe 2017” was celebrated, at ‘Bollywood Adda Lounge’ in Andheri west near Fun Republic. The event was organised by ‘Being Tushar Dhaliwal’ and ‘Archana Tomar’.

The celebration was attended by lots of media person and mainly by Producer Distributor Rakesh Sabharwal (also Juri Member), Manish Luthra, Ruchi Narula, Priyanka Pol, Himani Deshwal, Anjali Rajput, Anushka Dass, singer Lyla, singer and writer Meenu Singh, actress Alina Mughal, actress Alfeeya, Actor Akash Geharwar (Cousin of Govinda), Astrologer Pawan Kaushik, singer Yash Wadali, actor/director Arti Nagpal, Neetu Wadhwa, rap singer Raghav Sacher and singer Arvinder Singh. On this occasion Ruchi Narula, Priyanka Pol and Himani Deshwal were specially honored for their participation in “Mrs Universe” contest in Durban City of South Africa.


Tusshar Dhaliwal, founder, is Managing director of viscera events and models management. Archana Tomar, is president, she is Mrs Universe Generous, Mrs Universe North Central Asia, also director of Archana Tomar Creation and M.D of Tomar group.

‘बीइंग तुषार धालीवाल’ की “मिसेज इंडिया यूनिवर्स २०१७” के ताज का भव्य लांच सेलिब्रेशन।

मुंबई १७ सितम्बर २०१७ की वो भव्य शाम थी जब “मिसेज इंडिया यूनिवर्स २०१७” के ताज का भव्य लॉन्चिंग समरोह अँधेरी, लिंक रोड के ‘बॉलीवुड अड्डा लाउन्ज’ में संपन्न हुआ। इस कार्यक्रम के आयोजक ‘बीइंग तुषार धालीवाल’ और ‘अर्चना तोमर’ हैं। इस कार्यक्रम में बॉलीवुड और फैशन जगत के काफी नमी गिरामी हस्तियां शामिल थी, जिनमे निर्माता वितरक राकेश सबरवाल (जो की ज्यूरी मेम्बर भी हैं), मनीष लूथरा, रूचि नरूला, प्रियंका पोल, हिमानी देशवाल, अंजली राजपुत, अनुष्का दास, गायिका लयला, गायिका लेखिका मीनु सिंह, अदाकारा अलीना मुग़ल, अदाकारा अल्फिया, एक्टर आकाश गहरवार (अभिनेता गोविंदा के ममेरे भाई), भविष्यवयक्ता पवन कौशिक, गायक यश वडाली, एक्टर निर्देशक आरती नागपाल, अदाकारा नीतू वाधवा, रैप गायक राघव सच्चर, गायक अरविंदर सिंह एवं कई अन्य मेहमान उपस्तिथ थे। इस अवसर पर साउथ अफ्रीका के डरबन सिटी में ‘मिसेज यूनिवर्स’ प्रतियोगिता मंश शामिल रूचि नरूला, प्रियंका पोल और हिमानी देशवाल का विशेष स्वागत किया गया।

तुषार धालीवाल जो की इस के संस्थापक हैं, “विस्केरा इवेंट्स एंड मॉडल मनेजमेंट” के एम् डी हैं, श्रीमती अर्चना तोमर  संस्था की अध्यक्ष हैं, जो स्वयं मिसेज यूनिवर्स जैनरेस, मिसेज यूनिवर्स नार्थ सेंट्रल एशिया रह चुकी हैं, ‘अर्चना तोमर क्रिएशन’ की निदेशक हैं, व् तोमर ग्रुप की एम् डी हैं।